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Magazine Quickie: All the WCW Figures from the 1999 Toy Biz Catalog!


Here’s a quick upload for all the toy geeks and figure marks out there, twenty-plus pages of all of the WCW offerings from Toy Biz straight from 1999. This would cover their initial wave of figures they released as prior to this, WCW was partnered with the Original San Francisco Toymakers for their toyline. During the start of WCW Monday Nitro and as the hottest wrestling angle with the New World Order shot WCW into the stratosphere, the product the company were putting out was anything but fire:

Thicc boys. (via eBay)

Now, Toy Biz on the other hand had already been a name in the figure aisle with their Marvel hero lines. For me, that gold and yellow logo meant quality as their X-Men figures were a huge hit in my home as a kid. Going into 1999 and with the WCW license, I knew that there was no way that these would fail. Wrestling had broken into the mainstream and was part of the pop-culture, and there was no end to its reign in sight. Everyone is set to make money and make that money for a LOOOONG TIME.

Weirdly, I can still remember exactly when/where I was at whenever I came across these Toy Biz figures for the first time in-store. My Mom and I was inside a Walmart early on Superbowl Sunday to get groceries, and on the toy shelf, there was Wave 1 of the Smash ‘N Slam figures just freshly made available. I had no prior knowledge of these suckers existing, I didn’t have a figure podcast or email newsletter to hype me up for toy releases months ahead. Just walked into a store for chips and ranch dip, and there they were.

Why, it’s Sting! And Macho Man! And my favorite, DDP! They’re all here!!

I grabbed all I could afford and begged my mom to spot me for the ones I couldn’t, just so I had everyone right then and there. Luckily, I had a younger brother who also was into wrestling I could bring into the conversation as this would be something we’d BOTH enjoy. It must’ve worked because I remember leaving the store with every one they had in-stock. Flipping through this catalog brings back a lot of memories and is kinda surprising to see this whole rollout setup ready to go for 1999 right as the decline for the company would have been hitting.

Every photo included in this catalog showcases all the original prototypes of these figures as well, as the actual ones shipped didn’t look as sharp. This red/black Sting would end up gracing the cover of ToyFare Magazine:

Heroic. Powerful. Superhero Stinger here to save the day. – ToyFare Magazine [February 1999]

But the actual shipped figure didn’t look anything like the one shown above:

Scrawny. Freakish. Toy Biz begs you to leave the trench coat on this figure! (via eBay)

Also, it’s fun to see that we were supposed to get a decent looking Rey Mysterio Jr. figure as a pack-in bonus with The Giant. Instead, we got a cheap, all-black Rey with an insanely stretched out neck so that he could get easily chokeslammed like a chump.

Sadly, the only other Rey Mysterio we’d get from Toy Biz would be his unmasked variant in blue camo, (via eBay)

I can’t recall the shipment schedule for the next wave of figures, but I do remember these Bashin’ Brawlers being a huge hit for my younger brother at Christmas one year.

“Ow! You’re breaking my…. nose!!”

Going through the catalog, its amazing to see how many of these we actually ended up owning. We had all of the Smash ‘N Slam AND the Slam ‘N Crunch figures (I just gotta have my Pops Konnan). We had the full ringset. Definitely had the Ring Fighters of Scott Steiner, [REDACTED], Booker and the Bret Hart with the Howard Stern glasses. Passed on the Clash of the Champion sets but definitely had one pack from the Grip ‘N Flip set because RAVEN!

That free ring was terrible but looked cool in packaging.

The Four Horsemen set shown here in early design stage is pretty interesting as I can’t recall that logo ever being used for them, even on the shipped product:

Felt weird to have a figure of Mongo as his mom was also an English teacher in our high school. Super strange.

WCW Head Ringers were also super cool, even though you’d think with that name that they’d be bobbleheads. Not at all, just super deformed hunks of plastic shaped as various wrestlers that are so top-heavy that standing them is a slight miracle within itself. Seriously, my Hogan is almost split through his leg due to how gravity just pulls his noggin straight into the ground. Sting though is cool as a cucumber on his base.

Super-glue and pure luck is the only thing still keeping this guy standing in 2021.

I don’t recall ever seeing the Head Bashers or the Body Bashers, but they are plentiful over on eBay. Might be worth checking out.

Loved it when Hogan went, “AAHHHH!”

It seemed like Toy Biz also just would recycle their ideas for these toylines as well. We already had a bunch of X-Men metal figures in our bin, and it’s crazy to see that they just did the same thing but with wrestlers here.

Perfect size and heft to whip around the room and jam into someone’s eye/face for maximum damage.

But it would seem that wrestling would teach Toy Biz a thing or two as we would see an interesting design show up for their X-Men: The Movie line in 2000:

“Ow! You’re breaking my…. adamantium bones!!”

Overall, Toy Biz really swung for the fences and had so many things lined up for World Championship Wrestling. I’m sure they weren’t too thrilled to see where the company would end up by the end of the year, but there was so much promise! They had full figures, novelty figures, ringsets, vehicle sets, bop bags, bean bags and whatever the hell this was:

Monetizing Thumb War, a game that’s been played for free for generations. Those crafty bastards.

And even when WCW folded, Toy Biz ended up making more Sting, Konnan, and Raven figures with the TNA Wrestling toy line! They just couldn’t stay away!

More photos can be found below in the gallery. I did scan the rest of the catalog, but it’s gonna be a Patreon-exclusive. You got to be a member if you want to see the high-res Baby Geniuses and Godzilla 2000 toy photos I got. But here’s a taste:

Megatron ain’t got shit on Frank Castle.

I’m saving you from reading another 1,000 words on all these other figures and probably another 1,000 bitching about how f’d the difficulty spike in Diddy Kong Racing was. Go on, before I change my mind!

**Subscribers at ANY level of the WCW Worldwide Patreon will get to download these files as soon as they’re uploaded to my Google Drive. Patreon backers are rewarded with early downloads, exclusive scans, store coupon codes and first-crack at everything in the WrassleShop.**


Podcasts: Game Marks Pod – ‘WCW vs nWo World Tour’ Remastered w/ WCWWorldwide


Sat around and talked up WCW vs nWo: World Tour for the N64 with the Game Marks Podcast! For those who don’t know,  Game Marks Podcast hosts George Feis and Johnny Clash cover a different wrestling video game each week and go over everything before leaving each title with a super-positive Play It Forever or brutal Future Endeavor review! This is their one-hundredth episode, and they asked me to come on and discuss this classic game as they felt that they might’ve not done it justice on episode one of their show.

WCW vs nWo: World Tour Cart

It’s also worth nothing that this show is part of the Major Pod Network, the brain child of Matt Cardona and Brian Myers, two men who are responsible for single-handedly (or double… handedly?) making it to when society collapses, all future currency will be based in Hasbro WWF figures. Movie tickets will be two Warlords. Down payments on vehicles and homes will all be done with green-backed figures. The future won’t make any sense at all, but Kamalas with the moon belly will replace the gold depository at Fort Knox.

I’ll be left in the cold by wrongly backing the Original San Francisco Toy Maker currency and getting nowhere with my Sullivans and Badds.

Here’s some episode markers to help get you around:

  • Gaming News 13:15
  • Question of the Week 16:24
  • Deep Dive 23:58
  • Roster 35:30
  • WCW Worldwide Interview 53:04
  • Did You Know? 1:15:10
  • Our Rating 1:16:27
  • Clash at the Feis 1:18:06

Fun show that I might have to go back on to re-do their WCW/nWo Revenge episode one day. They also want to do some sort of pin collaboration, so keep your eyes out for that. I have some ideas that might make both WCW and WWF diehards very happy.

This Day in WCW History: The New World Order Was Set 25 Years Ago


It was a moment that shocked the world. The biggest hero of his era and arguably the closest thing wrestling has seen to a superhero come to life, Hulk Hogan, dropped the leg on his friend “Macho Man” Randy Savage at WCW’s Bash At The Beach 1996 PPV.

That leg drop sent shockwaves through the wrestling industry as the Hostile Takeover by the men formerly known as WWF’s Diesel and Razor Ramon (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) had the BIGGEST of big guns as their “third man.”

Let’s back up for a second though and look at this through the eyes of this (at the time) young man who grew up on 6:05 Saturday Night.

It was an exciting time for wrestling fans. This period of WCW is the only time in the business where we gathered and purchased all of the PPVs. Up until this point, I was a kid listening to scrambled PPVs. Later on, I purchased WrestleMania and maybe the Royal Rumble every year, and that was it. Purchasing all the PPVs during this era felt reasonable though as there was an excitement and electricity surrounding each of them.

Another thing that jumps out to me when we revisit this historic moment is that my dad, my uncle, my cousin, and I all thought the “third man” was going to be Bret “The Hitman” Hart.


I literally have no idea. This was a couple of years before I even got on the Internet, so it’s not like any of us read it there. I’m not even sure that any of us would have known about wrestling newsletters at the time, but for some reason that was our guess.

We were wrong about that, and what we got was way bigger and more important.

Hulk Hogan becoming Hollywood Hogan was truly a seismic shift in WCW and the wrestling landscape. As cool as Hall and Nash were, it was that moment that took this storyline from intriguing to monumental.

With the trio in place, WCW did the next most important thing when they absolutely nailed the nWo aesthetic. The black and white videos, the shirts, and the music were all pitch-perfect. Twenty-five years later, that logo and the nWo shirt still stand as an iconic look. Everything about it still exudes “cool”, and more importantly it did back then as well.

Wrestling did not become cool in the 1990s because of the nWo, but the stable is a big part of it.

My First Live Wrestling Show: The Final Nitro In Atlanta’s Omni


Having watched wrestling pretty much my whole life AND being born and raised just south of Atlanta, Georgia, it was kind of wild it took me until I was eighteen-years-old before I got to see it live.

That’s exactly how it played out however as my first wrestling show ended up being a historic one as it was the final WCW Monday Nitro at The Omni in Atlanta on March 3rd, 1997. I believe this was also the last wrestling show in the historic building as well, even though for years I tried to convince myself that the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) held an anniversary show there after this event. I never found any evidence of that, so let’s chalk that one up to my notoriously faulty memory.

Dad took me and a friend to the show because a) he was still pretty invested in wrestling and especially WCW at that time and b) his recollection of wrestling crowds was that beer and fists flowed freely. It turns out that the Monday Night War era crowds were a little different than his previous experience, but it was great to be there with him anyway.

It was only fitting that the person who introduced me to wrestling in the first place was there when I saw it live for the first time.

In preparation for this post, I glanced at the card for this show (to make sure I had the dates right and all that), and I realized that I don’t remember a bunch of it. The things that I did hold on to are pretty vivid though, and that’s what we are going to focus on here.

  • The televised portion of the show started with the never-ending Dungeon Of Doom and Four Horsemen feud. Konnan and Hugh Morrus represented the Dungeon while Steve “Mongo” McMichael and Jeff Jarrett (who I seem to recall was a Horsemen associate and not a full-fledged member at that time). This was the match where Jarrett blew it for his team by “accidentally” hitting Mongo with the Haliburton briefcase. He legitimately caught him pretty good and I distinctly remember it splitting Mongo open and him needing a towel for the bleeding. This was the first magical moment of the night though because at some point during this “Nature Boy” Ric Flair and “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson made their way down to ringside and that crowd began to “WOOOOO!!!” while Dad and I threw up the four fingers. My first wrestling show was off-and running!
  • What happened later was even better as this was the famous Nitro where Turner executive Dr. Harvey Schiller suspended WCW president Eric Bischoff due to Eric being revealed as a member of the nWo. This crowd (including our party of three) went absolutely WILD. Looking back an underrated part of this was Dr. Schiller had the perfect look of a guy who was in no mood for Eric’s nonsense.

  • The Giant looks massive on TV, but when I saw him in the main event, I could not believe how large he was in person.
  • The pyro? Pretty loud and pretty warm from where we were sitting. You could feel a wall of heat blow past you when they fired off the big flames.
  • Also, we had always wondered how Scott Hall managed to hit the camera so squarely with that toothpick, but once we saw how close the camera was that became pretty clear. It’s an optical illusion of sorts on TV.

Although it took me that long to see my first wrestling show, this kicked off a run of going just about every time they came to town. This was back when I had to go to Publix, stand in a large group of wrestling fans, and get my tickets through Ticketmaster in person. It’s one of those “kids these days won’t understand,” but that’s how it worked. Wrestling was so hot at that time you’d head up there and there may be 10 – 20 people in line hoping to score great seats for the show.

An underrated part of being at a big wrestling show in Atlanta at State Farm Arena (FKA Philips Arena, it replaced The Omni) is that when you are in the CNN Center next door you IMMEDIATELY hear people WOOOOOOING! like Ric Flair. That was true in 1997, and it’s still true to this day.

Since then, I have been to a ton of great wrestling shows in a variety of buildings, but this one… my first one… will always hold a special place in my heart.

Full Magazine Scans: WCW Magazine (Germany) [November 1994]


I’m still completely floored at how great the German run of WCW Magazine was. It completely slaughters the American magazine in design and seemingly has its own original photos included as well. Hulk and Sting tagging together is obviously the main cover story, but it seems like this magazine was prepped specifically for WCW’s upcoming tour in Germany at the end of the year.

That’s right, the WCW Christmas Brawl is almost here!

Schnapp dir die Kuchen, Stinger-Man!

Also included in this magazine, newcomers Honky Tonk Man and Jean-Paul Levesque AKA Triple H! In America, WCW Magazine had already folded in the summer of 1994, so seeing both featured prominently this way is interesting. HTM showed up in the ’94 WCW Program I scanned a while back, but he’s only around for a quick deal with Johnny B. Badd before he just straight up quits the company (or fired, if you believe Bischoff’s version of events).

In fact, Honky only lasted long enough to get an official WCW 8×10 made and a scarf with his logo on it:

Sure, why not!?

He never would make it overseas to the Christmas Brawl and even never would get to finish up his feud against Johnny B. Badd at Starrcade.

And that other guy? Who knows whatever happened to him.

Zeit um das Spiel zu spielen!

Another interesting thing that I don’t think I ever realized before reading this issue, the brief period of Hulk Hogan and Sting teaming up. The faces of the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling becoming fast friends probably should have been something bigger, but it seems like it was something done quickly to fuel The Hulkster’s feud against the Dungeon of Doom. Doesn’t look like they did much together afterward as a pure tag team, but the magazine showcases photos from an insanely quick squash match where the duo dispatched the Bruise Brothers (!!) on WCW Worldwide.

Sting and Hulk, putting an end to racism forever!

Great magazine from an era that’s been completely underserved to American fans for years. The WWE will always highlight things like Hogan’s ticker-tape parade and his debut WCW match against Ric Flair, but what about the Hulkster’s #1 Fan, Dave Sullivan? Suit and Tie Meng?? The “Nasty Dream” Dusty Rhodes???


**Subscribers at ANY level of the WCW Worldwide Patreon will get to download these files as soon as they’re uploaded to my Google Drive. Patreon backers are rewarded with early downloads and other goodies like original wrestling enamel pins and magnets.**

Download WCW Magazine (Germany) [November 1994]
ZIP File | CBR File

Full Magazine Scans: WCW Magazine [February 1994]


“If Vader beats me, I’ll quit wrestling forever!”



Funny how this magazine is all about the Flair vs Vader main event that ended 1993, but Flair would end up doing this exact same angle whenever Hogan gets brought in a within a year. I wouldn’t think that anyone really bought the retirement angle then either, even if Flair did disappear for a bit afterward.

Once again, this period is not my favorite era of WCW Magazine, but there are some cool pics in this one. I wish some of these photos were in full color, but I guess we will just have to make due with something like this being in black/white:

James Brown and Teddy Long at some charity event in Georgia, both being Superbad.

Also, we get a Parting Shot with Charlie Norris, someone who RARELY gets any shine in these magazines!

I think Norris wrapped up his WCW career in early ’94, so would be the last time we get anything on him. Another underrated person that gets a shine in this issue is Maxx Payne, a man who I only knew about due to his lawsuit against Rockstar Games over their video game release Max Payne. Before the WWE Network, I could only learn about him through various issues of this magazine and kinda putting together his career through a few clips on YouTube. It’s weird how someone with his specific look just did not really get any real merch or anything substantial during his time there in WCW. Becoming a WrestleCrap icon years later due to his WWF gimmick might be his biggest lasting impression on modern wrestling fans, and even that isn’t really brought up that much anymore.

Where’s the A&E special hunting down the current location of the Man Mountain Rock guitar?!?

This era is a blind spot for me when it comes to the actual matches themselves, all I know is that he had a cool look and I might have to look up his tag team run with Cactus Jack.

Was his look eight years too late? Was it too close to Van Hammer’s deal? Was he just not very good?? I DUNNO!

Also, thank you to every one that picked up the WCW World Television Championship pin over at the new WrassleShop store!

I will have one more batch of these to be released later on this month, so please get on the Twitter and Instagram pages to be notified when they’re available. I’m down to the last thirty, so when they’re gone, they are DONE.

Patreon subscribers also get FIRST DIBS on everything too, so maybe that’s worth subbing too as well *wink*…

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Download WCW Magazine [February 1994]
ZIP File | CBR File

Complete Collection of Valentine’s Day WCW/nWo Cards! [1998-2000]

A majority of people reading this post probably have fond memories of cutting out and setting up cheapy Valentine’s Day cards for their elementary school friends. Having a parent watch over you to ensure that EVERY person in your class was included, making sure everyone gets a feel-good memento of the occasion; fun distraction from the usual hum-drum days of the school year, right?

For myself, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Valentine’s cards were f’n GOLD back in 1991. I don’t recall ever making any real love connections with Donatello proclaiming, “YO, DUDETTE! WON’T YOU BE MY VALENTINE?” on any of the cards I sent out, but that’s because I was obviously born a generation too early to have these suckers at my disposal.

The freakin’ Love Master, Glenn Gilbertti AKA DISCO INFERNO!

Even though I (and many others born before 1990) missed out on these originally, there’s still time to make romance happen now in your life utilizing these terribly generic cards ft. half-dressed WCW wrestler men!! There’s no captions on a majority of these WCW Valentine’s Day cards, so it’s up to YOU to finish the job and create the magic yourself! Write a witty caption in Sharpie or MS Paint-in your own word balloon:

I… um… hrhmm.

Actually, you’re probably better off with just looking at the photo gallery below featuring all FIVE sets of World Championship Wrestling Valentines.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Full Magazine Scans: WCW Magazine #10 [December 1995]

Cover of WCW Magazine from December 1995 ft. Harlem Heat as tag team champions.

Harlem Heat, making the cover of WCW Magazine! Only had to win the WCW World Tag Team Championship four times to do so! Inside this issue, the build to Halloween Havoc 1995 and photos from the first ever episode of something called WCW Monday Nitro! The landscape has shifted and WCW is on fire with the return of Lex Luger!

Also included, there are some incoming wrestlers who are worth keeping an eye on by the name of Sabu, Dean Malenko, Eddy Guerrero and [REDACTED].

Two page magazine spread introducing, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddy Guerrero and Sabu to the readers of WCW Magazine.
New Japan, EMLL, AAA are all name-checked here… seems like someone is missing though.

Can you imagine what a Sabu would’ve meant for WCW if they got him to a contract here at the beginning of Nitro? Sabu was better suited for ECW in the long run, no doubt about that, but it’s fun to think about what we could’ve seen out of him. With him showing up in the magazines like this, it seems like there were plans to try to make him a name to their audience, even if it would’ve been mostly in the Cruiserweight division. Sabu himself explained why the deal with WCW never worked out:

Sabu: “[Kevin Sullivan asked me] how much to do our second ‘Monday Nitro’, and I said, ‘You don’t have to give me anything, just put me over.’

He goes, ‘We got to give you something.’

I said, ‘Ok. $500 bucks.’

So, we wrestle. It worked. They go, ‘Ok, are you ready to sign a contact?’

I go, ‘Yeah.’, boom. I go, ‘Wait, how much am I going to get paid?’

They go, ‘What you said.’

I said, ‘What’d I say?’

They go, ‘$500 a match.’

I said, ‘You’re kidding.’

They go, ‘No, that’s what you wanted. Two matches a month, one PPV. One Monday. At $500 a match.’

I said, ‘You’re kidding. No, I want more than that. That was just so you look at me, then we negotiate.’

They go, ‘No, you’re only getting $500 a match. That’s what you wanted.”

So, I quit. That was after ‘Halloween Havoc’ and after one or two other Mondays.” – Hannibal TV [2020]

Five years after this, WCW would again try to sign Sabu, but that would also fall through specifically due to Paul Heyman threatening legal action against the company. I can’t remember which interview it was, maybe an old Colt Cabana one, but Sabu was still reeling over being screwed out of a $400,000 a year Turner contract because of Paul E. Don’t know if Sabu would’ve had one of those Goldberg deals that paid out after WCW folded but still, that’s an insane loss.

Two-page spread covering The Giant's monster truck crushing Hulk Hogan's motorcycle.
Wrestling needs more monster trucks.

I love this period of WCW because of how weird and goofy a lot of it was right before we get the dose of “reality” within the year with the nWo gang invasion. Monster truck matches, ice-men coming to life, an entire rogues’ gallery uniting to destroy the concept of Hulkamania, once and for all; all Saturday morning cartoon stuff.

Amazing how quickly things can change.

Poster of Buff Bagwell and Scotty Riggs, the American Males

Great times are ahead, and WCW is going to hit supernova before too long. We just have to get some time and distance underneath us and move away from the likes of The Booty Man and The Shark. In a more perfect world, WCW would’ve hit mainstream success off the back of The Dungeon of Doom fighting Hulk Hogan but that’s just not how things happened. Invaders from up north will be coming in soon.

**Subscribers at ANY level of the WCW Worldwide Patreon will get to download these files as soon as they’re uploaded to my Google Drive. Patreon backers are rewarded with early downloads and other goodies like original wrestling enamel pins and magnets.**

Download WCW Magazine #10 [December 1995]
ZIP File | CBR File

Full Magazine Scans: WCW Wall Calendar [1999]

New year, new look! Spent a majority of January fixing a lot of back-end issues that came up with the site after a WordPress update, but I think we’re finally back to where we need to be at! Let’s start the year off officially (a month late) with an upload that you can actually utilize yourself this year. The 1999 calendar year perfectly mirrors 2021, so, if you can figure it out, you can print these images for yourself.

Or pickup a copy for yourself off eBay. I might have to do that myself as mine ended up having to be sacrificed for this post.


As always, here’s some nitpicky things about this calendar I wanted to point out. By the time this was released, the nWo Wolfpac were in the height of their popularity but we’re still getting 1997 black/white Sting with a bio that touted his upcoming 1997 television movie? Bret Hart’s bio also brings up his “recent” debut on an episode of The Simpsons, something that happened so early in 1997 that it made the cover of WWF Magazine.

Dumb gripes aside, getting good clean scans of these promo pics AND wrestler logos is worthwhile.

Not as memorable as the WWF wrestler logos but still neat to see used on wrestler merch. These marks were all bought out in the 2001 World Championship Wrestling yard sale by Vince, so every now and then, they do sneak their way onto current merch. I’ve seen someone mention how that Macho Man showed up on something recently, but the upcoming Giant vs Ric Flair Mattel two-pack set will have that Giant logo featured on the championship coin base.

(Via Twitter – @RingsideC)

Download the calendar pics for yourself below or just flip through the photo gallery on the site. Upcoming scans this month will be a WCW Magazine from December 1995 while the Patreon will be getting some new exclusive Japanese WWF programs that I’ve picked up from eBay recently. Putting up a SWS/WWF Supershow magazine here doesn’t make since but some of these scans need to be out there for people to enjoy. All that will be exclusively on the Patreon.

**Subscribers at ANY level of the WCW Worldwide Patreon will get to download these files as soon as they’re uploaded to my Google Drive. Patreon backers are rewarded with early downloads and other goodies like original wrestling enamel pins and magnets.**

Download WCW Calendar [1999]
ZIP File | CBR File

Full Magazine Scans: WCW Holiday Catalog [1999]


Christmas and the Holidays are here, time to whip out the ol’ WCW end-of-year catalog to mark down what wrestling goodies we want Santa to bring. Inside are several pages of forgotten and now hard-to-find merchandise that go beyond the usual shirts and toys. Holiday ornaments, beanie baby knockoffs, and more!

1999 saw the end of the classic WCW logo, and the introduction to the new STARBURST logo, seen here on a Nitro shirt. Since professional wrestling in the 90’s was so extreme, the shirt has a matching back design that lays out what viewing professional wrestling does to a young mind. Psychotic outbursts, deranged behavior, foaming at the mouth??

If watching Nitro was terrible for your health, imagine being backstage at it every week. Someone should’ve warned Al Green about the potential dangers, his brain was totally melted by the end of the year.

Poor guy.

Featured on the front cover, WCW Mayhem is the hot new video game shown being played by Santa and his elf. This was the first Nintendo 64 WCW title that wasn’t put out by THQ as the rights of WCW had been acquired by EA in early 1998. However during that time, THQ ended up releasing the world champion of wrestling video games in WCW/nWo Revenge, so EA had something to prove with their initial entry. Visually, Mayhem was an upgrade to what we were used to, and the title incorporated a lot more real-life audio in form of Schiavone/Heenan commentary and wrestlers’ entrance themes… but that’s about all it had going for it. Sloppy controls, poor gameplay design and questionable hit detection really kept this one from shining.

(via N64thstreet.com)

Regardless, 1999 was the hottest year for professional wrestling, so I’m sure it sold well even with WCW now cemented as the number two professional wrestling league behind Vince McMahon’s WWF.

Always found it strange how the foam WCW title was always the early 90’s version of the world championship and not Big Gold. According to the Big Gold book, there were no copyright issues with that belt design, so WCW was free to do whatever they wanted with the title despite it originating back to the NWA days. IIRC, the only person who made wearable cheapie Big Gold Belts were Manley Toy Quest around 1999. There was a version of the title packed into their Action Sets, which featured items to play dress up as your favorite wrestler, and an electronic talking version of Big Gold:

(via eBay)

There might have been another foam Big Gold that was packed into a WCW children’s party set, but my memory and Google searches are failing me. The point still stands, if you went to a WCW live event, the only foam titles I ever saw for sale were the ones that the elf above is holding! Also, the less said about the WCW Bean Bag Brawlers, the better, but I know there’s a hardcore group of toy collectors that are hunting down the rarer ones from 2000. Nash, Goldberg, Sting, and Bret Hart are the more common ones, I believe. It’s the Jeff Jarrett, Booker, Buff Bagwell and Scott Steiner ones that go for $$$ nowadays.

The Vampiro ones are all worthless, so if you have any of those, get in contact with me, and I’ll take it off your hands for nothing. Consider it a favor.

Nothing says professionalism at the workplace than a WCW desktop calendar! I got this off eBay a while back, and I’m actually surprised at how well put together it all is. The amount of work done by Chad Damiani for something like this is impressive considering how few would’ve seen the finished product. It’s something I’ve been wanting to scan but the daunting task of it all keeps me from ripping it apart.

Instead, just know and remember that April 20th will forever and always be Brad Armstong Day.

“Badstreet” name drop!!

Just like getting socks for Christmas. I’m so, so sorry.

The WWE’s version of wrestling history has seemingly completely erased Konnan from the list of top WCW stars back from this time-frame. If they ever go beyond the roster of WCW World Champions, it’s usually an Eddie Guerrero or Rey Mysterio mention but never K-Dogg who was completely on fire in 98/99. This hilariously captioned “Straight Up Gee’s Forever” marked the death of the nWo Wolfpac after Lex Luger turned on Konnan during the nWo Elite formation. Here’s a closer look of that Wolf cartoon on the shirt sleeve that’s hard to make out in this catalog:

(via eBay)

nWo 4 life. STR8 Up G’Z 4-Ever.

You better be into being in this fandom for the long hauls, boys. You’ll never get out.

Flip through the catalog and comment below on the items that you’d give an arm and leg to own nowadays. Some of these are actually tough to find, I can’t recall seeing that “Goldberg Man or Machine” shirt ever on eBay. I’d imagine that Hogan pennant would probably fetch something around $50 to $100 now too. Since it’s the Holidays and all, why don’t you go over to the WCW Worldwide Big Cartel store and pick up our newest pin:

Spread some Yuletide FEAR! (pin design by Marj, her hand is also featured here)

I JUST watched Santa’s Slay for the first time this year, and I feel like there’s a lot there to talk about, so maybe a more in-depth talk about it soon? I mean, it was better than what I expected and the exploding gift gag had me actually laughing out loud at the Looney Tunes shit that was on my screen. Five stars!

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Download WCW Holiday Catalog [Winter 1999]
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