ToySpotting: Mattel WWE Elite nWo Scott Hall (Ringside Collectibles Exclusive) [2015]

Survey says... one more for the good guys.


An amazing pickup this week from Ringside Collectibles their exclusive black/white nWo Scott Hall figure.

The detailing on this one is great as Mattel were good enough to get the LONE WÖLF correct and even paired him with a can of spray-paint and an extra nWo half-shirt to wear. I don’t know why anyone would make Hall ditch his awesome vest, but I’m sure you’ve probably got a loose WWE jobber figure you can induct into the new B-Team. I can see Stevie Ray and Stardust teaming now…

Also, make sure to read Hall’s bio on the back of the card here as it seems that Mattel is pinning all of Scott’s personal troubles on guilt over turning on Kevin Nash. I guess someone needs to call ESPN and have them insert this factoid into their E:60 over Scott Hall’s troubled history as they got it wrong the first time.

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