Full Magazine Scans: “Warrior Unleashes the O.W.N.” WCW Magazine #44 [1998]

The Warrior is unleashing his unique brand of destructicity in WCW!!


The introduction of The Ultimate Warrior to WCW. The man whose sole purpose was to destroy Hollywood Hogan (never mind the fact that the same issue recaps Hogan’s lost to Jay Leno at the Road Wild PPV)!! The leader of the One Warrior Nation, the man who will not stop at anything until the nWo are no more!!

Or until he has a poor showing at the PPV and completely disappears off WCW programming altogether in a puff of smoke…

The Warrior Makes His WCW Debut – WCW Monday Nitro [August 17th, 1998]

This issue of WCW Magazine has some great pinup posters in it, but the pages are so jam packed with tiny words that it might be tough to read it in-browser. Read through for a gripping, detailed report about WCW’s trip to Sturgis ’98, see some pictures of Jay Leno training for his big match and learn about how both Rey Mysterio Jr. and Psicosis share a love for Pantera. WHO KNEW!?!

As usual, the magazine is fully available as a digital download and has been on the WCW Worldwide DOWNLOADS! page since early Monday morning. Anytime a new upload is ready, it’ll be available on Mondays so you don’t have to wait for me to format an official post before it’s up. Have fun with this one!!

**Subscribers at ANY level of the WCW Worldwide Patreon will get to download these files as soon as they’re uploaded to my Google Drive. Patreon backers are rewarded with early downloads and even a chance to get vintage and original WCW merch sent to them as a thank-you.**

Download WCW Magazine #44
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Buddy Mckinney

The kiss deal should have worked out better and warrior could have been bigger also should have built on the own but he was only brought back so hogan could get a victory against him warrior has said that in interviews but he did get paid very good what I remember the most was hogan looking in the mirror and saying I thought you were dead with warrior standing behind him in locker room

WCW Worldwide Fansite

Even Kevin Sullivan agreed that Warrior coming in was just to appease Hulk and get his win back!

Christopher Read

Warrior could’ve been so great in wcw, fans wanted to see him, shoddy booking

Josh Johnson

This is how I would have booked him: Keep Sting out of the Wolfpack. Warrior arrives to feud with Hogan and aid Sting in fighting both nWo factions. Fall Brawl is Hall, Nash, Syxx, and maybe Booker T on the Wolfpack, Hollywood is Hogan, Savage, Giant, and Steiner. Regardless of the winner the fight goes on until Sting comes enters the cage above the ring and Warrior from below to clear both factions out. Warrior main events a Nitro and defeats Savage. Sting and Warrior wrestle Hogan and Savage at Havoc (blade runners vs mega powers). At WW3 Hogan beats… Read more »

WCW Worldwide Fansite

This is all too good. Late 1998 WCW had so many cool things going on at the same time, shame they went with Nash on top at the end of the year followed by nWo Elite.

Josh Johnson

Pushing Nash so hard was a mistake, Killing Stings momentum, doing nothing with Bret, poorly booking the Warrior and Horsemens return were all as well. It would be interesting to do a fantasy roster split during mid 98 or so with a Thunder and Nitro roster.