Complete Collection of WCW/nWo Valentine’s Day Cards! [1998-2000]

Happy Valentine's Day from World Championship Wrestling!


A majority of people reading this post probably have fond memories of cutting out and setting up cheapy Valentine’s Day cards for their elementary school friends. Having a parent watch over you to ensure that EVERY person in your class was included, making sure everyone gets a feel-good memento of the occasion — fun distraction from the usual hum-drum days of the school year, right?

For myself, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Valentine’s cards were f’n GOLD back in 1991. I don’t recall ever making any real love connections with Donatello proclaiming, “YO, DUDETTE! WON’T YOU BE MY VALENTINE?” on any of the cards I sent out, but that’s because I was obviously born a generation too early to have these suckers at my disposal.

The freakin’ Love Master, Glenn Gilbertti AKA DISCO INFERNO!

Even though I (and many others born before 1990) missed out on these originally, there’s still time to make romance happen now in 2017 utilizing terribly generic cards ft. half-dressed WCW wrestler men!! There’s no captions on a majority of these WCW Valentine’s Day cards, so it’s up to YOU to finish the job and create the magic yourself! Write a witty caption in Sharpie or MS Paint-in your own word balloon:

I… um… hrhmm.

Actually, you’re probably better off with just looking at the photo gallery below featuring all FIVE sets of World Championship Wrestling Valentines.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Nick Broward

Glenn Axe i had these 1 year lmao

Dustin Harmer

I still have the sting one

Jonathan Quayle Higgins III

Shirtless Scott Hall wishing some kids happy Valentine’s Day, priceless

Steven Singleton

These where big in middle school lol when about 60% of guys in school wore NWO,Sting,Goldbeg,DX.,Stone Cold,Undertaker, or Rocks Shirts everyday 🙂


The Raven one looks like a Teen Beat pinup.

Jordan Foss

Aaron Landers did either one of us have these?

Aaron Landers

Had to! More likely you though

Chris Drysdale

these are cool

Sean Hachey

I have these

Max Mooney

Alexander Seda Nick Cardinale


My eyes were not prepared for the Raven one. He always wore a shirt so I figured he was doughy or something. The more you know.