Full Magazine Scans: WCW Magazine #19 [September 1996]

"Hulk Hogan -- you can go to hell!"


Last time I brought you the issue of WCW Magazine that showcased Hulk Hogan in World Championship Wrestling for the time, now it’s time to focus on The Outsiders, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. These two invaders from “up north” have found themselves causing havok during WCW Monday Nitro and have seemingly added The Hulkster to their group at Bash at the Beach!

It’s strange to see that even by September, WCW Magazine hadn’t been completely “taken over” by the New World Order.  Hall and Nash get the same amount of time devoted to them in their cover feature as guys like Big Bubba and Mongo McMichael end up with. There are ZERO nWo logos to be found anywhere here. I’m guessing that this magazine will end up playing catch-up by their October issue…

A look at the quick New York trek that WCW had in June 1996, Vladimir the Superfan is featured in photo one!

I’m always surprised to see how high that WCW was on Alex Wright. The guy is seemingly featured brightly in every issue around this era, even when wrestlers like Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko in the company now. Even Pro Wrestling Illustrated highlighted “Das Wunderkind” as a “young lion” worth watching in WCW alongside Marcus Alexander Bagwell and Chris Jericho…

Maybe my memory of his matches is hazy or just completely ruined due to seeing more of his post-1998, comedy stuff like the “Boogie Knights” phase and or WrestleCrap like Berlyn.  Maybe I should reach back into these early Nitros on the WWE Network and just him an honest try.

WCW’s next big thing!?!

Or maybe I can skip that and continue on with my magazine scans,  focusing next on uploading one from 1999.

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Download WCW Magazine #19 [September 1996]
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35-year-old World Championship Wrestling fanatic/collector/hoarder. Runs a soil analysis lab in Austin, TX by day and scans in old wrestling magazines by night. He's got posters on the wall, his favorite rock group's KISS.
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Donald Faulkner

In those days you could sale old news the internet was like one year old there was no google Facebook or Yahoo everyone got a newspaper plus no android phones !

WCW Worldwide Fansite

I’d actually more surprised at the lack of the nWo logo anywhere here. Seems so strange to be that far behind when this issue was hitting stores during the week of August 25th.

Steven Allison

Did somebody say Hogan and Bash at the beach? Got my vhs in the mail today 🙂

WCW Worldwide Fansite
David Aulds

That was a great event, it was a great conclusion to the fued with Vader. Having Hogan finally defeat Vader was good for business at the time. Hogan in turn should have done what was best for WCW BUSINESS in 97 at Starrcade and lost CLEAN to Sting!!!

Adam L

My fondest memories of Alex Wright are of his “Dancing Fools” period in 1998 with Disco Inferno, with Tokyo Magnum following them around mimicking the Alex Wright dance.

Adam Boyes

Love that cage match between hogan and vader. Got it on the best of bash at the beach vhs!

Mike Mackler

Before they added the “nWo Mandate”