WCW eBay Find of the Day: Various WCW PPV Banners

Perfect for you wrestling collectors out there!


Authentic Original WCW Embroidered Backdrop
BUY IT NOW – $950 Each

Outta nowhere, this one eBay seller pops up to offer five different World Championship Wrestling PPV banners. These all look to be the ones you’d see hanging well above the ring as opposed to backdrops for backstage segments or the entrance ramp:

Diamond Dallas Page and The Diamond Doll – WCW Halloween Havoc [October 29, 1995]

Not gonna lie, I considered getting that Halloween Havoc one but that high price is too much for me to handle. If I’m throwing down a grand, it’ll go towards a down payment for a legit Big Gold Belt championship from a good belt-maker…

Still though, pretty neat to see on eBay.

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[…] WCW eBay Find of the Day: Various WCW PPV Banners […]