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Full Magazine Scans: WCW Magazine [February 1994]

Just thinking about Maxx Payne, I dunno.

This Day in WCW History: The Ultimate Return! [1998]

Twenty years ago, I was glued to my television screen in anticipation of something that I had seen rumored on a Yahoo! wrestling chat...

Review: WCW Halloween Havoc – Hogan and Flair’s Definitive Battle [1994]

In the late 80's, World Championship Wrestling were struggling to maintain their footing in the wrestling war they were embroiled in with the WWF....

The Most Haunting Moments from Halloween Havoc

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxj1HHZ60BI Have more haunting moments from Halloween Havoc you want to discuss? Get at Andrew on his Turning Heel site or bug him over on...

WCW eBay Find of the Day: Crap-Ton of WCW Crew Shirts!

VARIOUS WCW PPV AND MONDAY NITRO CREW SHIRTS (ALL SIZE XL) BUY IT NOW: $15.99 - $39.99 Over the weekend, I got an eBay alert ping that revealed...

ToySpotting: Mattel WWE Elite nWo Wolfpac Sting (Ringside Collectibles Exclusive) [2016]

With The Stinger locked down in a WWE Legends deal, it makes sense to go through and market the hell out of all of...

This Day in WCW History: Halloween Havoc Took Place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [1992]

Spin the Wheel, Make a Deal with The Stinger and Jake “The Snake” Roberts facing off in the main event. This would be the...

This Day in WCW History: Halloween Havoc Took Place in New Orleans, Louisiana [1993]

The second consecutive Halloween Havoc with the dreaded "Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal!” match, a randomly decided specialty match with twelve different possible...

WCW eBay Find of the Day: Various WCW PPV Banners

Authentic Original WCW Embroidered Backdrop BUY IT NOW - $950 Each Outta nowhere, this one eBay seller pops up to offer five different World Championship Wrestling...

Happy Halloween! Full Gallery of Every WCW Halloween Havoc Poster and More!

A Halloween tradition where the world of ghouls and demons collide with professional wrestling. Over the years, Halloween Havoc was always one of my favorite...