#51 – 80 Panini WCW/nWo Superstars Photocards [1998]

White Thunder and the real stars of the WCW mid-card


One of my favorite eras of World Championship Wrestling, primarily due to the fact that I was super dialed-in during every WCW show in this era. Nitro, Thunder, WorldWide, Saturday Night — I was always watching live or putting these episodes on tapes for later.

Add in the fact that this period is what was represented in the incredible WCW/nWo Revenge N64 game, and I’ve got nostalgia overload going through these Panini cards. Benoit’s mullet, Raven’s apathetic promo shot, “White Thunder” Scotty Steiner’s airbrushed Superman logo; love it all.

Looks like I’ve got one more batch of these Panini WCW cards before the entire set of #108 is up! Look for that one within the month!

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