Weird Merch: WCW Hero Heads [1994]

Use the Hulkster to crush your enemies!

The Original San Francisco Toymakers WCW Hero Heads Advert [1994]

When it comes to weird merchandise in the world of professional wrestling, surely foam decapitated wrestler heads attached to the ends of baseballs bats is one of the weirdest?

Back in the early 90’s, WCW partnered up with The Original San Francisco Toymakers for merchandise and action figures of their grapplers. While most people seemingly remember OSFTM for their bulky toys from around 1997 where every wrestler had an odd vibrating feature to them (eww), the toy company also released this odd line of… children’s melee weapons:

Hulk Hogan, Vader, and Sting WCW Hero Heads [1994]

As you can tell, the actual finished product for these Hero Heads have an obvious dip in quality when compared to the first photo above taken from a OSFTM catalog. When I first saw the photos of these terrifying toys, I was certain that they were never actually mass-produced and shipped to stores but they amazingly were. Wrestling toy collectors pay top $$$ nowadays for these things due to how rare they are making it close to impossible to collect this entire set without doling out close to a grand for all three.  Toys R Us sold WCW Hero Heads for $15 back in 1994, and I’ve seen a Sting one go on eBay last year for around $350, so get yourself a loan if you want to hunt down these suckers.

Original San Francisco Toymakers also had plans to release a “Macho Man” Randy Savage WCW Hero Head along with another line ft. Godzilla and King Kong, but it doesn’t seem like the toy company ever got around to making those. If you’re ever looking for the perfect weapon to bash in the skulls of your friends/enemies, it looks like you’re stuck with Hulk Hogan, Sting and Vader Hero Head variants only.

WCW Hero Heads catalog and more photos are below:

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