Full Magazine Scans: WCW Magazine [February 1994]

Vader vs Flair in the main event of the year!


“If Vader beats me, I’ll quit wrestling forever!”



Funny how this magazine is all about the Flair vs Vader main event that ended 1993, but Flair would end up doing this exact same angle whenever Hogan gets brought in a within a year. I wouldn’t think that anyone really bought the retirement angle then either, even if Flair did disappear for a bit afterward.

Once again, this period is not my favorite era of WCW Magazine, but there are some cool pics in this one. I wish some of these photos were in full color, but I guess we will just have to make due with something like this being in black/white:

James Brown and Teddy Long at some charity event in Georgia, both being Superbad.

Also, we get a Parting Shot with Charlie Norris, someone who RARELY gets any shine in these magazines!

I think Norris wrapped up his WCW career in early ’94, so would be the last time we get anything on him. Another underrated person that gets a shine in this issue is Maxx Payne, a man who I only knew about due to his lawsuit against Rockstar Games over their video game release Max Payne. Before the WWE Network, I could only learn about him through various issues of this magazine and kinda putting together his career through a few clips on YouTube. It’s weird how someone with his specific look just did not really get any real merch or anything substantial during his time there in WCW. Becoming a WrestleCrap icon years later due to his WWF gimmick might be his biggest lasting impression on modern wrestling fans, and even that isn’t really brought up that much anymore.

Where’s the A&E special hunting down the current location of the Man Mountain Rock guitar?!?

This era is a blind spot for me when it comes to the actual matches themselves, all I know is that he had a cool look and I might have to look up his tag team run with Cactus Jack.

Was his look eight years too late? Was it too close to Van Hammer’s deal? Was he just not very good?? I DUNNO!

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  1. Solid hand in the ring. Had the potential to be very successful, but most stories point to him being his own worst enemy on the pro level. Legit amateur wrestling background, contributing to the University of Iowa’s NCAA National championship in 1986. He had a short run in WCW after working the territories & internationally from the late 80’s into the early 90’s. Decent program as a heel with Johnny B. Badd. Later teamed with Cactus Jack as a face and had a fun feud against the Nasty Boys. Ended up being pushed down the card & released after hurting Knobbs. Had a short run in the WWF as Man Mountain Rock, but was released less than a year in due to injury and alleged substance abuse issues. That was pretty much it for his career on a large stage.

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