WCW eBay Find of the Day: Galoob Prototype Rick and Scott Steiner Figures [1991]

Rare wrestling toys, my favorite subject!


BUY IT NOW – $2199.99

That’s no typo, this insane seller is trying to get $2200 on these Steiner Brothers toys. I’m not even sure if they’re even worth that much, but I know that wrestling fig collectors can get pretty obsessive over rare pieces like this. Even a guy like Zack Ryder was recently proudly boasting on Twitter of his latest toy acquisitions, one being an unreleased Hasbro Randy Savage:

Did he pay $$$ for his Macho Man? Is it possible that both Rick and Scott are priced fairly and are just patiently waiting on eBay for the right collector to stumble upon them?? Who knows, but I will say that they look fantastic.


The Steiner Brothers in the back of the eBay photos are the versions that were mass produced, obviously less detailed and a tiny-bit smaller. The removal of the spots and stripes from the figures is the most obvious change, but I’m a bit saddened that a logo on Rick’s boots were also taken off.

Notice the logo on Rick’s left boot and the additional faded stripes on his singlet.

Prototype Rick Steiner is sporting ROOS shoes! ROOS had signed a deal with the National Wrestling Alliance and featured WCW stars in their advertising starting in 1989, so maybe their partnership had already fizzled out by 1991?

I’ve already seen someone shop this to read “ROIDS… OR ELSE!”. Rude!!

I don’t think my fiancee would like it if I spent $2200 on wrasslin’ toys, so I doubt I’ll ever be in possession of these rare Steiners. That all being said, don’t let me get in your way! If you got that Zack Ryder money, send the eBay seller an offer!

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David Aulds

This is by far in my opinion the best wrestling line of all time.

Paul Phillips

Maybe the wcw line but as far as wrestling figures go nothing beats the WWF ljns!!!

Matthew Clark

Zack Ryder will be posting about these on Instagram next week.

Christopher Olsen

I still have all mine. Even the Dustin Rhodes, El Gigante, and Freebirds ones. Lol

Tim McDonough

The finished products are slightly smaller because “they’ll take on all comers, no matter what size”!

Adam Boyes

Gotta love the galoob figures