WCW eBay Find of the Day – Signed #92 nWo Sting Bandai NJPW Trading Card [1998]

That's not nWo Sting, that's a trading card of nWo Sting!


Wrestling Card nWo Sting Signed Card WCW TNA WWE WWF NJPW AJPW
Buy It Now: $25.00

What a weird, weird find especially since I wasn’t aware of ANY merchandise sold featuring Jeff Farmer as Sting. Great makeup design on nWo Sting’s facepaint, love the fact that it’s even signed as “nWo Sting” as well. Perfect!

After seeing this, I got to thinking about other WCW merchandise that featured the nWo Sting but couldn’t really come up with much beyond his appearance in the Nintendo 64 classic, WCW vs nWo: World Tour as “Sting” and a promo photo:

“Sting” – WCW vs nWo: World Tour – Nintendo 64 [Released November 30th, 1997]
nWo Sting WCW Promo Photo [1999]
Thankfully, Wrestling Twitter helped me out by pointing out a couple more examples of Jeff Farmer merchandise, including this sticker from 1998 (sent by @jcsix):

Translation: “nWo (Has) Landed! – nWo Sting”

and a NJPW Super J trading card (sent by both @purocentral and @HelloMrKearns):

Seems pretty light considering his presence in the nWo Japan stable, but I’m not entirely positive that we’ve covered it all. I know that NJPW released a 2-pack of both nWo Muta with Masahiro Chono, but it doesn’t look like Jeff Farmer ever got himself a figure made…

Speaking of nWo Sting, he does still make brief appearances at conventions in the makeup!

Nick Patrick, “nWo Sting” Jeff Farmer and Scott Norton – Legends of Wrestling 18 – June 7th, 2014

Let’s face it, who would ever want to meet Super J or Cobra nowadays? The nWo black and white is 4 life, and I’m currently keeping my eye out for his next convention appearance to grab a photo with “Sting”.

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