Full Magazine Scans: NWA Wrestling Wrap-Up [May 1989]

Who was the winner in the Clash of the Champions VI vs WrestleMania V PPV fight?


Finally managed to get my hands on the SECOND issue of NWA Wrestling Wrap-Up, the last issue that looks more like a newspaper and less like an actual magazine! Some great things included here like a breakdown of Clash of the Champions VI vs WrestleMania V viewers and this blurb from the Boston Herald:

It’s obvious that the National Wrestling Alliance were going in guns-blazing to distance themselves from the cartoonish persona of the World Wrestling Federation. That said, it’s kinda funny to see how Manning’s column from the Boston Herald tries to paint “The Pearl of the Orient” as some sort of refreshing take on a foreign character with no hints of being a racial caricature. I mean, that’s what’s he’s saying here, right? If Muta was in the WWF, he’d be some fucking goofy loser like that Blue Blazer guy, but in the NWA, he can WRESTLE!

Flair vs Steamboat outclassing the entirety of WrestleMania V is a valid observation though.

NWA ended up TROUNCING the WWF with over 2.1 MILLION more viewers! Let’s just ignore the fact that it was on free television while WrestleMania was a PPV! Doesn’t matter! Stop bringing it up!

I have two more magazines (1990 and 1996) and an NWA merchandise catalog (1988) ready to post here soon but in the meantime, enjoy this small batch of scans. Work and life living in a COVID hotspot has had me stressing but it’s looking like things will be simmering down here pretty soon.

Be safe out there.

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