Early WCW

The beginning of World Championship Wrestling, the golden era before the New World Order showed up. Sting, Steiner Brothers, Big Van Vader, Hulk Hogan and the Dungeon of Doom!

#20 – 35 Championship Marketing WCW Trading Cards [1991]

Fresh batch of scans for you, with #23's front caption being the absolute greatest thing ever. Keep in mind that Paul Heyman was 25-years-old...

Hulk Hogan Vs Vader – Art Mocking Life

Every single wrestling feud you will watch will be conducted with some form of power balance going on. Most can succeed in spite of...

#11 – 19 Championship Marketing WCW Trading Cards [1991]

Another round of Championship Marketing WCW cards, another batch of WCW awesomeness. You can easily tell how much faith the company had in Sid...

“Ric Flair: Hulkamania’s Nightmare” – WWF Magazine [February 1992]

After leaving World Championship Wrestling and Jim Herd behind in late 1991, the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair found himself in the World Wrestling Federation...

#1 – 10 Championship Marketing WCW Trading Cards [1991]

Going through and using the new site to fully showcase these trading cards in easier to view galleries, definitely will be going through and...