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AEW Fight Forever: A Game Not Afraid Of Violence

We cannot just let a video game release with Sting in it and just ignore it.

The Turbulent History of ‘Wrestling with Pixels’ and How The Book is Still Alive!

Whenever the Wrestling with Pixels project was originally announced through Kickstarter, Bad Grandpa was the number one movie in America. The Playstation 4 hadn't...

Gaming Collector Discovers Unreleased NWA/WCW Video Game for the NES!

What in the world is this!? A unreleased, unseen and unknown wrestling NES game from 1989 just falling out of the sky on a...

WrestleThon eBay Auctions! Vintage WCW Shirts and WCW Merch for Child’s Play Charity!

Every year since 2014, two gents from Houston, TX have been marathoning wrestling video games to raise money for Child's Play Charity. Since their...

Video Game Vertebreaker: WCW vs nWo: World Tour (Nintendo 64) [1997]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLuusfVtnzg It's been twenty years since the release of WCW vs nWo: World Tour for the Nintendo 64, and I've gone and let the anniversary...

Video Game Vertebreaker: WCW The Main Event (Game Boy) [1994]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmGGsfGu9UM When it comes to discussing WCW video games, this obscure Game Boy title from February 1994 isn't the first thing that comes to mind....

Join Us This Weekend for WrestleThon 3 LIVE on Twitch!!

I'll be part in this year's WrestleThon, a 48-hour wrestling video game marathon streaming on Twitch and taking donations for Child's Play Charity! 100...

Latest WWE 2K16 DLC Pack is FULL of WCW Goodness!

Late last month, 2K released a DLC pack highlighting all of the 2015 inductions into the WWE Hall of Fame, and I completely missed...

This Day in WCW History: WCW vs nWo: World Tour is Released [1997]

Eighteen years ago, Earth was blessed with one of the finest wrestling and multiplayer games ever crafted. No hyperbole here, WCW's first game for...