Spoiler: Ben Grimm is the Cosmic Dusty Rhodes in Guardians of Infinity #1

Clobberin' all da mooks, daddeh


Page One of “To Be The Man…”, Bonus Comic within ‘Guardians of Infinity’ #1 [Released December 2nd, 2015]
Inside of the newest issue of Guardians of Infinity, there’s a bonus comic featuring The Thing (Fantastic Four) and Rocket Raccoon (Guardians of the Galaxy) fighting on a alien planet that worships mid-80’s professional wrestling from Earth. Since Mama Grimm’s Baby Boy apparently worked for Unlimited Class Wrestling as “Monster”, the story focuses on The Thing brawling again inside the squared circle in a bastardized version of wrasslin’ for an intergalactic audience — and artist Jason Latour made sure to give him the appropriate look:

Compare and Contrast: Dusty Rhodes (1985) vs The Thing (2015)

I love getting word of things like this, even though the comic-book Marvel Universe has confused me to the point where I mostly pick up collections instead of single issues. Thankfully, this Benjamin Grimm storyline is a one-shot that’s contained within the Guardians of Infinity #1:


You betta belieeeve that da space bums will be put through hard times by Benjamin Grimm, daddy. Pick up your copy today and if you’re lucky enough like me, maybe your comic shop will have some of the WWE Superstars comics in the bargain bin!

UPDATE: Jason Latour responds on Twitter after a brief discussion whether or not Ben Grimm is dressed as Dusty Rhodes or Ric Flair, since the story is called “To Be The Man…”




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