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Full Magazine Scans: NWA Wrestling Wrap-Up #3 [June 1989]

Terry Funk beating Ric Flair like the egg-suckin' dog he is

Flair Attacked! – NWA Wrestling Wrap-Up #3 Cover

A photo taken after the famous angle at WrestleWar 1989 where Terry Funk jumped Ric Flair after his match with Ricky Steamboat and gave the newly crowned NWA World Heavyweight Champion a piledriver onto a wooden table. Funk was one of the judges assigned to the bout in case Flair and Steamboat hit a time limit draw and a decision for the World title was needed. After Flair won the championship cleanly at 31 minutes, Terry Funk requested a future title shot from the champ but was promptly turned down. Funk became enraged at his dismissal from Flair and proceeded to beat the ever-living dogshit out of the worn-down champion.

Also, I’ve also gone through and scanned the entirety of this NWA Wrestling Wrap-Up for everyone as well. With the new format of the site, posting thing like this will be a breeze but I will be adding a section for people to be able to easily download full 1500×2100 PNG scans of these magazines… more details on that in the upcoming weeks. I have to rebuild my site’s content for now!


  1. Absolutely my favorite era in pro wrestling history. I marked for everything. Muta, Luger, Funk, Flair, Midnights, Road Warriors, Steve Williams, Eddie Gilbert, Missy Hyatt, Cornette, Paul E. Non stop marking. I also got every VHS on that last page ad. Id kill to have my Wrestling Wrap-Ups back.

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