Weird Merch: Goldberg Memory Card [1999]

Who's Next? Your video game memory slots!


InterAct WCW/nWo Goldberg Memory Card – PlayStation [1999]
With a mind-blowing 15 blocks of memory, this memory card (remember those?) for the original PlayStation system (remember that?) was packaged with a bonus save to help promote the terrible WCW/nWo Thunder game. If you think Goldberg looks this bad in the package, wait till you get a closer look at him:

Absolutely horrifying.

The horrors do not end there either as there also was an additional Goldberg memory card created for the Nintendo 64 system, but the design had to be changed around a bit to handle the N64’s… unique controller memory slot.

“Plug me into the sexiest controller slot you got, boy!”


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  1. that thing is scary looking. Makes me wish I had one back in the day. Although I have been known to play me some Thunder even today.

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