Full Look at Today’s Sting: Into The Light DVD Release

Full documentary following Sting's journey through wrestling and to the WWE


Went out and picked up my DVD copy during lunch as I’ve never been a fan of the plain cases that comes along with the Blu Ray releases. I’m mostly excited for the documentary portion of Sting: Into the Light, but all the extras included look to be pretty substantial as well.

This was the release I’ve been mostly excited for since Sting’s manager hinted at it on Twitter back in April, and I cannot wait to get the free time to go through the entire set.

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  1. Didn’t enjoy the doco. They skimmed through too much I found. They miss a lot of great things he did in WCW and I felt they really didn’t focus on some more important stories the right way.

    • I actually agree – it’s like the first part of the documentary should’ve been it’s own thing that went along the first WWE Sting DVD collection and the Into the Light should’ve primarily been about his current life and journey into the WWE. Also, I was more puzzled over the fact that Sting’s meeting with Vince was never filmed or that Mr. McMahon makes no actual appearance at all. I’d make that shot of Vince and Sting together a major priority.

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