15 Years Ago Tonight, Our Thunder Road Came to an End [March 21st, 2001]

A Main Event in any Mid-Sized Arena in the World


15 years ago tonight marked an end of an era. It was not just the “season finale” of Thunder, but it was the last wrestling event on TBS capping off a 29 year run of wrestling on the network (if you don’t count The Bushwhackers vs Carl Winslow & Steve Urkel on Family Matters reruns that have since aired).

While the main event of the final episode of Thunder wasn’t exactly phone off the hook material, it did end up giving us a preview of the highly acclaimed Booker T & Goldust pairing a little over a year later. Also, we basked in a classic Scott Steiner meltdown to end the show.

And how would you imagine WCW would sign off its final edition of Thunder . . .


In the words of Colt Cabana, “Thanks!”

Instead of the WCW Big Bang ppv that was supposed to relaunch WCW, we get Big Bang Theory reruns on TBS instead 🙁


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  1. Wow, it’s always sad at this time of year when the anniversary of the last Thunder and Nitros pop up, but this year is a bit more sad. 15 years. Long time. Feels like yesterday I was asking my Dad, “Why does Thunder have red ropes now?”

    • I completely forgot about that. I was trying to figure out when certain shots I was scanning in took place and I eventually came to realize the red ropes = Thunder as well. Confused the hell out of me!

      • I think there were some episodes of Nitro with blue ropes too! I always liked the blue ropes in WCW. The red ropes felt too much like a WWF thing.

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