Weird Merch: Toy Biz WCW Window Crashers [2000]

Show the world just how much of a wrestling nerd you really are


Very hard to come by items, these small plush figures were meant to be displayed inside your car on your back window. I’ve only seen these WCW Window Crashers pop up on eBay once or twice or the past four years, but I’ve been desperately trying to get that Sting one whenever it surfaces. There’s no way a sticky Garfield plush can compete with a Stinger complete with his signature baseball bat, even if Garfield himself was in a wrestling singlet (which does exist!):

Russo would’ve probably had Big G win the Big Gold Belt a couple of times in 2000 if he could.

Sad that this line never took off as Goldberg, Sting, Nash and Hogan were the only four wrestlers included. Given the timeline we could’ve easily had gotten a Jeff Jarrett one, complete with silver guitar and a “WHAT’RE YOU LOOKING AT, SLAPNUTS?!” sign.

Another missed opportunity for WCW.

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