ToySpotting: Mattel WWE Elite Goldberg [2017]

Who's next!? Your wallet.


After his brief return stint in the WWE, Goldberg finally gets his first Mattel WWE Elite figure! Bad news is that it’s exclusive to a $149.99 Main Event WWE ring set! If you want this Goldberg, you better be willing to drop some major $$$ on it. OR… you could just jokingly bid on one late at night and end up winning the auction like me because NO ONE ELSE BID ON THE ITEM FOR THREE DAYS AFTER ME WHAT THE HELL!!

Still, it’s a good one that captures Silver-Goatee’d Goldberg perfectly.

Goldberg (1997) vs Goldberg (2017)

Goldberg’s return and run as the WWE Universal Champion has seemingly been completely forgotten by WWE television the second Goldberg lost his championship at WrestleMania. It’s so bizarre how quickly they moved to get past him and onward to other things, but I expect to see more figures of him released. If we can get a Typhoon or a Beserker WWE Elite figure in stores, I’m sure a proper one of Goldberg will be out there eventually. I wouldn’t expect much variety though. Black trunks, black gloves, black boots, black knee pads, black elbow pads, tribal tattoo, bald head; the color of his beard might be the only major change on the next figure.

Unless they package a version of him with Goldust’s wig…

I want it!

That might be enough to get me to spend another $20 on a Goldberg fig.

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