ToySpotting: Mattel WWE Elite Eddie Guerrero and Funko POP! Vinyl Ric Flair [2015]

The dirtiest players in the game


Great find at Target the other day as I found an Eddie Guerrero WWE Hall of Fame figure that’s been out for a while along with a brand new Ric Flair POP! Vinyl. At this point in time, I’ve found myself collecting these WCW Elite toys more and more for the site but I’ve yet to open up any of them. Not quite sure I want to start actually presenting these things in my apartment or if I’m saving them for a big WCW Worldwide giveaway. I’m starting to lean towards the latter as I will be involved with a charity event next May…

Those Funko POP! Vinyls though — those get unwrapped and put immediately onto my bookshelf. They are things of beauty and earn the right to be displayed. 🙂

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