WCW eBay Find of the Day: Fit Finlay Ring-Worn Singlet

Buy it before I do...



Ring Worn Fit Finley Singlet Trunks WWF WWE WCW TNA ROH NXT
Buy It Now – $300

Here’s a thing that you don’t see every day — ring worn gear from Finlay’s late 90’s run in WCW. The seller says it’s legit and given how the same guy is selling gear from Tatanka, Scotty Flamingo and Rob Van Dam, I’d say that it’s legitimate.

This singlet comes at a perfect time as well as it’s only nine days away from Halloween! Throw down your $300 and grab the PERFECT wrestling costume to confuse/mystify all of your friends. If you really want to field nothing but, “Um… who are you again?” questions all night, add a leather jacket and go as the Belfast Bruiser:

Belfast Bruiser Pinup Poster – WCW Magazine [April 1998]
Let’s be honest, this costume is way better than that store bought crap you were gonna wear. Leave that packaged Walking Dead zombie costume at home and put on something that’ll really wow ’em.

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