#55 – 79 Championship Marketing WCW Trading Cards [1991]

"We're having fun now!"


An interesting batch of cards this time around, very cool to see the various awesome shots of Ric Flair and El Gigante. The 7’7″ Titan was plucked out of Argentina to be part of Ted Turner’s Atlanta Hawks, but his career in the NBA was never realized as he would be moved into World Championship Wrestling within a year of signing with The Hawks.

Gigante had a killer look but definitely isn’t going to top anyone’s BEST BIG MEN IN WRESTLING lists. Also, it’s tough to even bring him up without bringing up this monstrosity he was forced to wear during his time in the World Wrestling Federation:

Giant Gonzalez and Harvey Whippleman – WWF Magazine [1993]

Talk about being handicapped right out the gate — good God!

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