Full Set Scans: #1 – 110 Championship Marketing WCW Trading Cards [1991]

Flashback to the Golden Era of NWA/WCW!


It might have taken me a couple of months, but I finally completed it. All 110 cards scanned in here for everyone to enjoy. Flipping through these scans, you might end up with certain unanswerable questions about these cards. Questions such as:

  • Why did Missy Hyatt get an entire book squished down for her back-of-the-card bio while others guys got a few lines or just a WCW logo for theirs?
  • Why did Sid Vicious get two identical cards issued for him for #13 and #60?
  • Why did Paul E. Dangerously’s phone get it’s own card for #71?
  • Was WCW really that high on “The Z-Man” Tom Zenk??
  • Why was El Gigante ever a thing???

You can find your own complete set of these cards easily through eBay, I actually think this batch looks a hell of a lot better than the super 90’s looking ones that Impel released the same year:

Just looking at this is giving me flashbacks of wearing Hypercolor shirts in first grade.

That being said, expect the next round of trading card scans to be the ones from 1995 while I still need to finish up uploading those Panini photo cards from 1998.

Keep an eye out for those soon!



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