ToySpotting: Mattel WWE Mutants Sting [2016]

The Strangest Super-Heroes of All!


The WWE toy department have been going a bit crazy lately with their designs. WWE releasing retro figures that look similar to their old Hasbro ones from the early 90’s isn’t too far fetched, but recent lines like WWE Zombies and this WWE Mutants one seem to be completely out-of-left-field for the company. I’m all for dressing Sting up like a Scoprion-Man, but wish there was more thought put into him.

I mean, why does Sting now resemble a third-tier Spider-Man villain while Finn Balor manages to fully evolve into being an A-list Spidey baddie, Carnage? John Cena gets to be Colossus from the X-Men while Brock basically becomes the Superman-Killer known as Doomsday (complete with TWO extra arms)?? Can’t help but feel like Steve Borden got the raw-end of the deal here:

WWE Mutants Line [2016]

Cody Rhodes gets to become a glow-in-the-dark alien, and he’s not even with the company anymore! The Rock in The Mummy Returns made a better Scorpion monster than the Stinger!

I assure you, this CGI was mind-blowing back in 2001. Probably.

Neat concept for the WWE, even though Sting doesn’t have the best look out of everyone in the line. I guess he’s only slightly better than the Crocodile-Bray who’s got a Monster Energy logo on his chest, but only slightly. Looking forward to see if there’s a Series 2 of this line, maybe one with Goldberg who’s just a bald man MADE OUT OF GOLD. Or maybe a Randy Savage who’s just a straight up Werewolf-Savage with shark shades and a package of Slim-Jims…

Email me WWE, let’s talk.

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Buddy Mckinney

I saw the zombie ones at Walmart while back they looked like could have been done better

Kat Gardner

Wasn’t there a similar concept from the later days of WCW?

WCW Worldwide Fansite

You’re probably thinking of the Gross-Out Wrestlers that had Sting, Goldberg and Sid as these Hulk’d out Monsters w/ different gimmicks. Sting had a Mask that hid his grotesque, eye-ball popping out face.

Jamie Gunnell

Adam Gunnell