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Full Magazine Scans: WCW Magazine (Germany) [November 1994]

The American WCW Magazine is dead, thankfully the Germans kept the ball rolling!

Modern Mumbling: WrestleMania Weekend

Don't worry folks, this is still a WCW website, and everyone here at the site will always be dedicated to the retro side of...

Five Times the WWE SHOULD Have Used WarGames

The day, July 4th, 1987. The location; The Omni in Atlanta, Georgia. The match? WARGAMES. Created by Dusty Rhodes, who was inspired by Mad Max...

It’s Official! Diamond Dallas Page to be Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame!!

The master of the Diamond Cutter, the King of Bada-Bing will be part of the 2017 inductees for the WWE Hall of Fame. Diamond Dallas...

This Day in WCW History: Sting Officially Starts His War Against the nWo [1997]

After months of stalking the nWo and appearing in the rafters (and sometimes appearing with the nWo in-ring without attacking them), Sting finally showed...