This Day in WCW History: Sting Officially Starts His War Against the nWo [1997]

Sting finally chooses a side and lays waste to the nWo


After months of stalking the nWo and appearing in the rafters (and sometimes appearing with the nWo in-ring without attacking them), Sting finally showed everyone whose side he was on by tearing through the members of Team nWo after their main event win at Uncensored. Listen to that absolute fervor from the fans whenever Sting takes his bat to Scott Hall and cements his decision to side with WCW – incredible.

Billboard in Atlanta, Georgia for WCW Uncensored 1997

Coincidentally, Sting ended up clearing house in a similar fashion one year ago tonight during one of his first appearances on WWE RAW. I say coincidentally, because I have zero faith in the WWE to have done this angle purposely WITHOUT calling attention to how smart they all were in booking it this way:

Such a great, great moment and one of the few times where Sting looked like a world-beater in the WWE. The mystique was still there and everyone on my Twitter feed couldn’t wait to see what a Sting vs Triple H match was gonna look like…

“The Vigilante” Sting vs “The Game” Triple H – WWE WrestleMania 31 [March 29th, 2015]

You know, I STILL haven’t ever gone back and revisited that match. I think being disappointed once was enough for me.

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