Weird Merch: The Four Horsemen Legacy Championship by Squared Circle Belts

The symbol of excellence


A fantastic looking custom Big Gold Belt championship featuring Ric Flair, Barry Windham, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard! Amazing work from the same group that brought us the nWo Legacy Championship highlighted here a couple of months back…

I first saw this beauty being teased by Squared Circle belts on Twitter a month ago and eventually saw the price tag of $1500 show up over on the BeltTalk forums. For a brief second, I considered grabbing it but I’m still holding out for a traditional Big Gold Belt for my eventual first leap into title collecting. Regardless, this Four Horsemen Legacy title went to a good home and is currently a centerpiece for @JeffJewett, a classic wrestling and Four Horsemen fanatic:

Great collection! (Via @JeffJewett)

Definitely a proper place for this custom championship to rest.

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  1. Cool looking display by that collector except for one thing. Why is he using a kitchen rack instead of some proper shelving?

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