ToySpotting: Mattel WWE Elite Sting [2015]

That's not Sting, that's a toy of Sting


The first modern day Sting figure released by the WWE, complete with his red scorpion shirt, soul patch and Sgt. Pepper Jacket! Seeing this awesome figure up-close makes me wish that Sting’s WWE run had been a little better, but I’m still holding on to hope that he’ll have a Retirement Match this year at WrestleMania 32.

I hope that Night of Champions isn’t the last time we ever see Sting in a ring and if he gets around to getting that neck surgery he needs, I’m hoping he’ll be back stronger than ever. There’s still so many key match-ups in the WWE that’d I’d love to see with him.

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The T-shirt SHOULD have been removable on this one. Now if I want a modern Elite Sting in wrestling attire, I gotta buy this and pop the head on a Defining Moments Sting.