It’s Official — Sting to be Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

The Icon is the first to be announced for the Class of 2016


Incredible news, even if it was a nomination we were all expecting for this year’s WrestleMania in Dallas. Even during his talk with Ric Flair on his podcast, Sting seemed humbled at the very idea of entering into the WWE Hall of Fame and was extremely modest when answering a question regarding it. His whole WWE run seems to have been nothing more than a Farewell Tour of sorts, checking things off his bucket list and having one last go before riding off into that proverbial sunset. I wish some of Sting’s storylines could have gone smoother, I wish that his feud with Hunter didn’t have the goofy mystical/magical elements to it, I wish that Sting had managed to properly finish his WWE World Heavyweight Championship match against Seth Rollins without sustaining injuries; none of this matters now though.

Sting has had a hell of career, and I’m patiently awaiting to what this Hall of Fame nomination means for him. It’s a safe bet to think that this means a retirement for the WCW Icon, but I’m still holding out for one more match from him. The spinal stenosis might keep that dream from ever being a reality but everything is up in the air until we get some actual news from Sting himself…

That all being said, let’s congratulate Sting for being the 1st person to make it into both the WWE AND TNA Hall of Fame!

Sting Enters the TNA Hall of Fame [October 2012]
Sting and TNA Superstars at his TNA Hall of Fame Ceremony [October 2012]
Various wrestling personalities also shared their congratulations to Sting via Twitter:

With all of the trash talking and backstage politics in the world of wrestling, I’ve never heard a bad story regarding Sting. The closest I can get is some story told in Gary Hart’s book where Hart buries Sting over complaining to Dusty Rhodes about some angle involving Al Perez in 1988 but that’s pretty tame in comparison to every other wrestler who has lasted as long as Sting has in the business.

Great news for “The Franchise” of WCW, definitely will be doing anything I can to get to Dallas this April to see the Hall of Fame live.

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