Full Set Scans: #1 – 108 Panini WCW/nWo Superstars Photocards [1998]

The golden period of the Nitro Era...


These Panini cards are a real blast to go through as they are the perfect timestamp for when WCW was on top of the wrestling world. Even though their ratings streak came to an end in early 1998, WCW still managed to get some wins during the Monday Night War during the year making this era the last time WCW was king. The WWF would become the weekly leader in television ratings going into 1999 and beyond, but these cards aren’t about that period. There’s no Vince Russo, No Limit Soldiers or Misfits in Action cards to be found here. This is the final golden period for WCW, man. These wrestlers, costumes and gimmicks are all found in the God-Tier Nintendo 64 classic, WCW/nWo Revenge. This is when WCW was at its hottest and wrestling had broken through to the general masses as a genuine pop culture phenomenon.

Enjoy going through the stroll down memory lane here, this is a cool set. Apologies for the inconsistency on these cards, some of these colors were off from the get-go through the scanning process. Some of these glossy photocards looked good after uploading, others made it seem like some of the wrestlers had terrible sunburns.

For those wondering, there’s not much on the back of these cards so I decided to skip scanning in that side:

Think these things would work as postcards? Who’d want a Brian Adams in their mailbox anyways?

Also, since I collected all 108 of these beauties, I figured that I should also treat myself buy purchasing the official Panini WCW/nWo Superstars Photocard Album:

WCW Panini Album
Collection complete — filing this one away forever on my wrasslin’ shelf.

Buy your own set of #108 Panini Photocards along with the photocard album now through eBay for only $22.49! I can’t be the only cool one here putting together a full collection of these old cards in the year 2016!

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35-year-old World Championship Wrestling fanatic/collector/hoarder. Runs a soil analysis lab in Austin, TX by day and scans in old wrestling magazines by night. He's got posters on the wall, his favorite rock group's KISS.
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Mike Abitabile

Amazing that #30 got the go ahead, what with Hogan’s chrome dome on full display.

Mike Abitabile

I’m only half joking. He put the kibosh on wrestling figures unless they had a bandana on lol.

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