WCW eBay Find of the Day: Vampiro Mask, Doll, Wrestling Buddy and More!

Your one-stop-shop for all your Vampiro needs!


Vampiro CMLL Lot Wrestling Buddy Mask Wristbands WCW WWE Lucha
CURRENT BID – $51.00

Very cool Vampiro lot spotted on eBay, featuring several hard to come by items:

  • Vampiro Mask [2000]
  • Vampiro Bean Bag Brawler [2000]
  • Pair of Vampiro Wristbands [2000]
  • Vampiro Lighter (not the same one used to set Sting ablaze) [2000]
  • CMLL Super Luchador El Vampiro Canadiense Wrestling Buddy [1991]

In 2000, Vampiro quickly became a key character in WCW storylines in a way that even caused Sting to wonder if the Powers-That-Be considered Vamp to be a possible Sting upgrade/replacement. The face-paint, the punk look and his association with guys like The Misfits and The Insane Clown Posse helped make him a star even if his in-ring abilities were never on-par with the WCW main eventers (a thing that even Vampiro himself admits). Still, I’ve always looked at Vampiro as a guy that gets glossed over and was never given his due by the WWE whenever they recall moments from the Monday Night War era.

The mask and mini bean-bag figure are pretty fantastic, but the one thing included here that’ll get me to actually fight for this lot is that CMLL Wrestling Buddy.


I don’t know how rare the Super Luchador is, but I want in on this entire lot. The mask is an added bonus since I wasn’t even sure the thing even existed a couple of years ago. This whole eBay listing looks to be worth fighting over, even if we’re getting in at the $51.00 mark.

Good luck to all, I hope to be posting a photo of myself in the Vamp mask very soon. 🙂

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Aaron Smeltzer

“Vampiro Lighter (not the same one used to set Sting ablaze) [2000]”


Richard Scott

You could have my mask but doubt it would ship well!

Matt Young

Good luck! I’ve always been a fan of Vampiro. He was the first WCW wrestler I ever met and was very friendly. Although I guess it’s more impressive that the second WCW star I met that night, Buff Bagwell, was also very nice to me… considering he got handcuffed and tossed into a cop car less than 30 seconds later. This all occurred directly after a May 2000 Thunder taping in Springfield, Illinois.

WCW Worldwide Fansite


Jake Joyce

That wrestle buddy is just an Ultimate Warrior recolor, right? The box it comes in is dope though.

Kyle Mookie Skynet

And Vampiro guarding my room lol

Kyle Mookie Skynet

Found this is my storage today

Aaron Smeltzer

Is that a lunch box/cooler? or an XL fanny pack?

Kyle Mookie Skynet

Its a mini soft cooler

Aaron Smeltzer


Jake Joyce

Wow, I love that!

WCW Worldwide Fansite

Pretty amazing!

Kevin Houdek

I would love to see him in tna

Justin Stokley

Does it complain just like the real thing?

WCW Worldwide Fansite

Macho Man Wrestle Buddy: “Ow! You’re… hurting… MY ARM!”

Vampiro Wrestling Buddy: “You know, I absolutely fucking hate everything about this place. Fuck WCW.”


who has any good WCW OR NWA/JCP stuff for sale? too bad i missed out on the vampiro lot, have the mask but woulda liked to had gotten another one and that vampiro wrestling buddy in box

also seeking some 1993 cmll topps wrestling singles/sets and especially boxes