Full Magazine Scans: WCW Magazine Special – The Year in Review [1998]

1998: The highest high for World Championship Wrestling.


A cool special edition of WCW Magazine that covers all of 1998 along with the prestigious WCW Magazine Reader Awards! Wrestler of the Year! Cruiserweight of the Year! Match of the Year!! Runner…Up of the Year?

Fun noting that Jericho would be on his way out of WCW right after this occurred.

Apologies on this one not being as clean as some of my other magazine scans. This issue was a larger, squattier magazine compared to the others from this era, and the print for this issue was slightly off as well. Some of the page’s internal boxes and borders didn’t line up straight on my copy which made editing this an absolutely nightmare for my eyes.

Anyways, 1998 is over and things are looking good for World Championship Wrestling! We’ve seen the rise of the unstoppable Goldberg and the eventual end of his undefeated streak at WCW Starrcade. The New World Order splintered off to two groups, nWo Hollywood and the nWo Wolfpac. Sting painted his face red and after a year of being the silent vigilante, he refused to shut the hell up. Scott Steiner became Big Poppa Pump. Chavo Guerrero lost his mind. Billy Kidman became his own man away from Raven’s influence. The Latino World Order formed. The Ultimate Warrior returned and revealed himself to be the Ultimate Thesaurus in his rambling promos. Diamond Dallas Page proved that he belonged in the main event scene. Dennis Rodman, Karl Malone and Jay Leno all competed in a WCW ring!

Jericho Personal Security. Judy Bagwell. Eric Bischoff beat Vince McMahon by forfeit at WCW Slamboree.

Goldberg destroys Hollywood Hogan to become the WCW World Heavyweight Champion – WCW Monday Nitro [July 6th, 1998]
There was a lot to that happened in World Championship Wrestling in 1998, and wrestling in general. Both the WWF and WCW saw record breaking ratings as the Monday Night War heated up and wrestling broke into the mainstream consciousness. Monday Night RAW would overtake Nitro in weekly viewers for the first time in close to two years, but the battle waged on as the two traded ratings victories back and forth throughout the year.

Everything is looking great! Can’t wait until January 1999 with good guy Kevin Nash as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion!

One Nitro into the new year and… Oof.

Welp. WCW was fun while it lasted.

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The good times were good but the bad times were really…freaking…bad


1998 was the definitive year of my WCW (and wrestling) fandom.


WCW had so much promise and fell flat on its arse


Steven Spenadel I loved the Monday night wars, kids these days don’t understand how good it was back then compared to now


Gav Nutton your right, we had so much choice but I always followed Hogan, longing for his red/yellow return lol. WCW shoukd of won that war, but it had the same idea for like 4 years, nWo run in and interfere zzzzzz


The Monday night Wars was my teenage years I remember going to school the next day on a Tuesday morning at half of us were divided between raw and Nitro so many great memories I wish that I had a time machine and be 15 years old again


It’s just sad that what really helped kill WCW was Hulk Hogan’s Ego and his creative control


Yeah, yet it was also him that made it a contender. WCW just didn’t know when nWo was getting boring. Unlike Vince he knew DX had ran its course


Hi do you have the WCW Magazine issue from March 1997 by any chance? I’ve heard that it had a Debra McMichael (big fan) pictorial in it and I’m just curious about the validity of that. Thank you