WCW eBay Find of the Day – Lizmark, Ultimo Dragon and Vampiro Figures [1992]

What's better than bootleg Lucha Libre figures? Legitimate Lucha Libre figures!

OSFTM CMLL Lizmark, Ultimo Dragon and Vampiro Canadiense Figures [1992]

3x RARE Ultimo Dragon 1992 CMLL Vampiro Lizmark Lucha Libre WWE WCW Mexico Japan
Buy It Now – $44.95

Great looking figures from the early 90’s, featuring familiar names but from a not-so-familiar company for the majority of American wrestling fans. It doesn’t seem that these aren’t really too terribly difficult to come across loose in random eBay lots, but the carded ones seem to have a high asking price:

OSFTM Vampiro Canadiense Carded Figure [1992]
If you want to hunt all these down, good luck with that as it seems like this was a pretty large line:

Full OSFTM CMLL Figure Lineup [1992]
Might be worth the price for the loose figures if you’re looking to grab some obscure lucha-libre figures to decorate your work desk with. Think I’ll be hunting down a Vampiro and a Blue Demon for myself…

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