This Day in WCW History: WCW Halloween Havoc 1997 Took Place in Las Vegas, Nevada

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“Snap Into the Madness” – WCW Halloween Havoc Advert [October 26th, 1997]
A PPV event that was headlined by Rowdy Piper vs Hollywood Hogan inside a steel cage but was easily outclassed in every way by an amazing match for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship between Rey Mysterio Jr. and Eddie Guerrero:


Take a brief second to check out Mysterio’s costume here as well — it might be one of the first times that Rey modeled his attire after a superhero (as the only other one I remember from this timeframe was a Spider-Man homage):

Kristy Swanson and Billy Zane in ‘The Phantom’ (1996)

Mysterio vs Guerrero wasn’t the only high-point on this card as Nagata/Dragon was also phenomenal along with the blow-off bout between Randy Savage and Diamond Dallas Page.  This match was the final part of the major feud in between the two and DDP still gives Savage full credit for helping to “make him” and give him the credibility he needed to be a main event star in WCW:

“Without Randy Savage, I’d never get to the incredible ride that I had… and it was incredible, man.”

Macho Man Randy Savage vs Diamond Dallas Page – WCW Halloween Havoc [October 26th, 1997] (Via
The Halloween Havoc 1997 card in its entirety:

  • Yuji Nagata (with Sonny Onoo) vs Último Dragón
  • Chris Jericho vs Gedo
  • WCW Cruiserweight Champion Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio, Jr.
  • Alex Wright (with Debra) vs Steve McMichael
  • Jacqueline vs Disco Inferno
  • WCW United States Heavyweight Champion Curt Hennig vs Ric Flair
  • Scott Hall (with Syxx) vs Lex Luger (with Larry Zbyszko as special guest referee)
  • Randy Savage (with Miss Elizabeth) vs Diamond Dallas Page in a Las Vegas Sudden Death match
  • Roddy Piper vs Hollywood Hogan in a Steel Cage match
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