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Full Magazine Scans: Great Muta HYPER Pro-Wrestling Special (JAPAN) [March 1997]

Celebrating the lengthy career of a man who would still have a career twenty years AFTER this magazine hit store shelves!

The Turbulent History of ‘Wrestling with Pixels’ and How The Book is Still Alive!

Whenever the Wrestling with Pixels project was originally announced through Kickstarter, Bad Grandpa was the number one movie in America. The Playstation 4 hadn't...

YouTube Playlist Spotlight – WCW Worldwide 1993

WCW Worldwide 1993 YouTube Playlist With 1992, 1994, and 1995 WCW Worldwide playlist spotlights in the books, now felt like a breezy time to fill...

WCW eBay Find of the Day: Slim Jim “Macho Man” Randy Savage Display [2019]

MACHO MAN WOODEN SLIM JIM DISPLAY BUY IT NOW - $209.99 I'm not sure how this became a thing, but the Slim Jim people recently decided...

Full Magazine Scans: WCW World in Japan [1995]

This one is a rarity that I picked up from a man who regularly travels over to Japan for business and wrestling-related shenanigans. This...

Review: Scott Steiner’s Freak Show: The Big Poppa Pump Workout

Fitness and professional wrestling are a natural pairing. The men and women of the ring are athletes and must keep their bodies in peak...

YouTube Playlist Spotlight – WCW Worldwide 1995

WCW Worldwide 1995 YouTube Playlist With the 1992 and 1994 WCW Worldwide playlists documented, it is time to dive into the only full calendar year...

YouTube Playlist Spotlight – WCW Worldwide 1992

WCW Worldwide 1992 YouTube Playlist When asking a longtime WCW fan what their favorite year of the company was, you would likely get a large...

YouTube Playlist Spotlight – WCW Worldwide 1994

WCW Worldwide 1994 YouTube Playlist Being that I am a contributor to WCWWorldwide.com and this is my 25th article, don't ask me why it's taken...

WCW Is Up All Night (Without Rhonda Shear . . . Sadly)

When the WWE Network launched over four years ago, fans immediately noticed the almost unlimited possibilities in regards to the programming of the live...