ToySpotting: Mattel WWE Elite British Bulldog [2015]


There was no way that I was going to pass this one up when I saw it in-stores for the first time. Be amazed at how perfectly Mattel captured Davey Boy Smith! The huge chin, those questionable braided/beaded locks of hair, the Union Jack; it’s all there and is close to nailing Bulldog’s attire whenever he first popped up in WCW at SuperBrawl III:

Davey Boy Smith Makes His WCW Debut – WCW SuperBrawl III [February 21st, 1993]

My wrestling figure shelf is starting to get crowded — I never wanted to be a wrestling toy guy but here I am…

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35-year-old World Championship Wrestling fanatic/collector/hoarder. Runs a soil analysis lab in Austin, TX by day and scans in old wrestling magazines by night. He's got posters on the wall, his favorite rock group's KISS.
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