Mike Tenay & Scott Hudson’s WCW Audition Tapes [March 17th, 2001]

It was a Bob Caudle tribute week!


Today, we go deep into the dying days of WCW (March 17th, 2001 . . . nine days until the final Nitro) and visit Mike Tenay and Scott Hudson on the set of Worldwide as they go to their Ask WCW.com segment. Ed Eastman asked for the best route to become a WCW announcer. *insert a sad punchline here*

Luckily, Tenay and Hudson were all too eager to share each other’s audition tapes. First, we see Iron Mike and Terry Taylor having some green screen fun hyping up the 1995 Bash at the Beach. Later, we go to Scott Hudson and Bobby Heenan hosting an ep of {Pro} before SuperBrawl VII.

I wonder if Mike Tenay included his Terry Taylor screen test tape with his resume for TNA a year later.

For the record, I am indeed jealous of Ed Eastman of Marina del Rey, CA for getting that Worldwide shirt. Unlike the WCW eBay Find of the Day, I’m sure it’s getting good use to this day. Pretty sure. Maybe. It’s possible.

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This is gold. I love this stuff from the dying days.

WCW Worldwide

Same here.

Sean-Paul Kearns

For the full 2001 internet experience, here’s what the WCW Worldwide site looked like around that time, complete with askwcw@wcw.com email address and local listings.


WCW Worldwide

Upset that I can’t get a Buff Bagwell Mastercard in 2016.

Sean-Paul Kearns

well you could get one of those photo ones, but I agree, it’s not the same.