YouTube Channel Introduction (Over 3,000 WCW / NWA / WWF videos)



(Note: I’d like to thank Bryan Barrera for the opportunity to write for his site and give my YouTube channel another platform to share among wrestling fans.)

Not long ago, I was contacted by Bryan asking if I’d be interested in posting videos and giving updates on my YouTube channel. As someone who only uses Twitter to spread the word (@Monsoon_Classic), I thought this would be a fun chance to give some insight behind some of the videos that are posted that actually goes past the 140 character mark.

For those that are unaware, I house a YouTube channel that has slowly grown into having over 3,000 videos (All ad revenue goes to WWE). Nothing that is posted is available on the WWE Network. The spirit of the channel is to provide content that fans may have seen that one time when it aired or have never seen.  It’s not necessarily about posting ****3/4 classics in so much as posting fun or weird matchups you may have never knew existed.

Despite my name, there is actually way more NWA / WCW content on the channel than there is from the WWF. You’ll see matches from Thunder, Worldwide, Saturday Night, Pro, Power Hour, Main Event, and Super Bouts.

You can find the channel here . . .

Feel free to scroll through the videos but it may be easier to click the Playlists section, pick your favorite TV show and thumb through matches that way.

I’ll be back every week or so to keep everyone updated on what’s going on with the channel and post random WCW videos that some would find interesting.

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