ToySpotting: Mattel WWE Hall of Fame WCW Ring w/ Dusty Rhodes [2016]

The American Dweeem, if you will...


This set has been out there for a while now, but I’ve only just been able to come across one here in Austin, TX for myself. The WWE Hall of Fame Retro WCW Ring set (so many words) is a Target Exclusive that retails for $49.99, and it’s currently the only way to get your hands on a Elite mid-80’s Dusty Rhodes figure.

Lex Luger vs “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes [1987]

The included WCW ring is a nice touch, but the real prize is getting an NWA “The American Dream” figure. Points off for Mattel issuing this set with a WWE Big Gold Belt (one that also doesn’t fit around Dream’s waist), but that’s to be expected from them. With last year’s Target Exclusive Four Horsemen set, I’m hoping to see more NWA/WCW figures come out through the WWE Hall of Fame line.

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