ToySpotting: Mattel WWE Then. Now. Forever. WCW Bash at the Beach Pack [2017]

Walmart exclusive WCW figures? I'm in!


This one was a surprise to EVERYONE, usually people have these figures scouted out for months prior due to toy/comic conventions and Ringside Collectible preview pics. In this particular instance though, this Walmart exclusive set wasn’t something that got out before hand and caused a bit of a fervor among the action figure geeks online once photos of them started circulating.

After weeks of searching random Walmarts here in the Austin area, I got my break through the WrestlingFig forums where toy-hunters stumbled upon a small batch in Cedar Park, TX. The Sting, Lex Luger, Randy Savage Bash at the Beach set isn’t quite as rare as something like like an NES Classic, but there’s obviously a demand out there for this pack. I can’t imagine any current, younger WWE fan begging their parents to purchase a toy-set based on a super-specific look from a PPV over twenty-years-old… so you’ll have to fight the people out there in their thirties (like me) and older for your precious painted WCW trio.

The figures look great, if you can forgive Mattel for giving Flexy Lexy black boots instead of white (some people on the WrestleFig forums apparently cannot). Kinda funny that this set exists without a New World Order pack to go alongside it. With Hulk Hogan still in the doghouse with the WWE, it’ll be some time before you’ll ever see a WWE Elite 1996 Hulkster fig. I guess your best bet is looking on eBay for the OSFTM one from 1994 to pair with your Hall and Nash Elite figs on your shelf:


As time rolls on, I find myself picking up more and more of these WCW-centric WWE figures. Let’s hope this trend continues and Mattel doesn’t implode their market by releasing more and more super-specific figures like this. Or continue on, I guess? I mean, we’re getting a early 90’s Flyin’ Brian figure and a 1999 Mid-Life Crisis Savage one soon, let’s hope for a Screamin’ Norman Smiley or a Johnny B. Badd figure now too.

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35-year-old World Championship Wrestling fanatic/collector/hoarder. Runs a soil analysis lab in Austin, TX by day and scans in old wrestling magazines by night. He's got posters on the wall, his favorite rock group's KISS.
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Steven Singleton

The packaging is very dull and the figures look like lack of effort was put into them Mattel just sucks I miss Jakks Pacific

Tim Yaeger II

Chris Patton we need to find these!!

Chris Patton

Yes, sir!!!

Chris Barnes

Love it, if just for the Sting figure?

Erin M. Johnson

Been out for a while, they are a must have for any WCW fan.

Erin M. Johnson

Also, after reading the article…this Hogan figure makes a good replacement until we get a proper BATB 96 one

WCW Worldwide Fansite

Oh yeah — forgot about him.

Josh Johnson

I like sting, Luger and Savages odds going into the Bash. Any guess who the 3rd man will be? My money is on HBK.

Justin Tappeiner

Just saw these today at the wall Mart down the road

Chris Goujyujin

Been hunting sadly no luck yet

Bob Patel

Found it a couple weeks back when I was back home for Christmas and I have seen around my local Walmart. Picked one up just for Stinger. Mach is good, Luger just looked bored so its a good representation of him

Taylor Scott

Bash at the beach 96 for wwe2k18

Rush Jordan

“Look at the clowns!”

Charles Cousins III

I got it.

Michael Moorhouse

It’s like 30bucks I anint pain that, maybe 15

Joshua Montgomery

It’s 50

Bob Patel

I found a set in Milwaukee about a month ago and they are at all 3 Walmarts in Las Cruces NM last time I checked. I like the set but I bought one for just so I could have a brown haired surfer Sting. Which I believe is the first one that has been made. Macho looks good. Luger is fine, the whole boots thing is fine but I love the look of boredom on his face. But Ive said it before Mattel needs to make more Surfer Stings

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