Site Update: Inside the WCW Worldwide Gimmick Box 2.0!!

Help the site, get cool WCW stuff back in return! Good deal!!


Thank you to everyone who has been waiting patiently, but the WCW Worldwide Gimmick Box has finally returned with all brand new items! For anybody that wonders what I do with the Patreon money I receive, I put a lot of it back into the site with the general upkeep along with commissioning weird items like this to send out to people who love WCW as much as I do. In this Patreon-exclusive box that can be snagged through the BUFF DADDY! Reward tier, you’ll be getting all of these items sent out to you.

Everything included in this Gimmick Box set:

  • Set of random vintage and custom WCW stickers/tattoos
  • Two packs of unopened WCW Trading Cards [1991, 1995, 1998 or 1999]
  • Pack of unopened Panini WCW/nWo Photo Cards [1998]
  • Random Wrestling Magazine
  • Random WCW VHS Tape (hope you still have VCR!)
  • Format sheet for the final WCW Thunder taping [2001]
  • Original WCW scratch-off lottery ticket [1999-2000]
  • Custom WCW magnet set (Capital Combat ’90, Halloween Havoc 1990, Starrcade 1997, Halloween Havoc 1997, WCW vs nWo: World Tour boxart and WCW Monday Nitro ring apron)
  • Custom WCW Nitro Grill koozie
  • Custom Stinger Scorpion Die Cut Vinyl Sticker
  • Custom set of Alex Mahoney AKA @Redneck_Kungfu die cut vinyl stickers (Big Van Vader, Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, Rey Mysterio Jr.)
  • Chido Comics and the Masked Republic Luchaverse’s Rey Mysterio #1 comic book
  • The BIG GOLD BELT shortbread cookie (courtesy of Hey Sugar Shop)

Once again, due to the weight of this box I can only afford to ship the item in the States only. This is all a one-man operation, so I don’t have hundreds of these boxes to send out. I have less than ten left on this run before I have to completely restock again (can’t just hold onto a bunch of freshly baked cookies forever), so if you miss the deadline here in October, I will be back with more.

Please check out the WCW Worldwide Patreon BUFF DADDY! Reward tier to get your Gimmick Box sent out to you! Remember, there are plenty of Patreon digital rewards to grab as well once you’ve pledged anything past a $1 to the site. Everything helps and it’s all super appreciated.

Thank you all, and let’s keep this train going until the WWE’s lawyers shut us all down!

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  1. “Let’s put it this way—if Vince Russo ran a pizza shop, you’d order a large pepperoni and instead you’d get a newspaper. Sure, it’d be a surprise, but it wouldn’t entice you to order from them again”

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