Inside the Ropes Presents: Scott Steiner, Live and Uncensored in the UK!

GIMME A F*CKING MIC [so I can do a live Q&A show]


Isn’t it amazing how a 53-year-old Scott Steiner can still cut a promo that will completely terrify you?

From the same group that brought us Inside the Ropes Live: Sting, it looks like “Big Poppa Pump” will also be doing a multi-day Q&A trek across the UK. The “Big Bad Booty Daddy” will be hitting four cities on this tour and will give any UK wrestling fan an opportunity to ask Scott Steiner ANYTHING. How’s his relationship nowadays with his brother Rick? Would he accept an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame if The Steiner Brothers were nominated?? What does Scott Steiner REALLY think of the Hulk Hogan sex-tape!??

Inside the Ropes Presents: Scott Steiner Live and Uncensored in the UK Advert – only £19.00!

Hoping to have more info next week on this, maybe a recap or two from people in attendance. I think I need to look into attending one of these Inside The Ropes Live events myself the next time they have one, they look like a blast. I’d love a good wrestling reason to fly out of TX for my first trip overseas, I’m sure my girlfriend would be THRILLED to visit Glasgow or London (even if she probably couldn’t care less about a wrassler Q&A).

Tickets are all available at the Inside The Ropes site, make sure to drop me a line if you’ll be in attendance –! Also, visit Squared Circle Ts for your wrestling shirt needs! Both them and ITR get the WCW Worldwide stamp of approval for being good humans and having great customer service!

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