WCW eBay Find of the Day: Four Horsemen Jacket

Style and profile in this 80's jacket!


Original Four Horsemen Teal Jacket WCW NWA Ric Flair Anderson Tully Wrestling
BUY IT NOW – $349.99

Great color, fantastic look! If only that price wasn’t so outrageous, I’d be all over this. The eBay seller doesn’t have any info posted about its origins beyond it being a “1980’s jacket”, but it looks legit. That single Horsemen patch on the front-left pocket of the jacket is phenomenal!

I don’t own any IV Horsemen merch, but this is definitely the cream of the crop from what I’ve seen. The only thing that comes close are those Horsemen sweatshirts Pro Wrestling Illustrated used to advertise back in 1988:

Arn’s face!

This jacket’s aces. Maybe I should start up this WCW Worldwide Patreon a couple of days earlier so I can grab it. 🙂

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Augie Max Vargas

Diamonds are forever and so are the Horsemen daddeh!

Josh Johnson

Is your favorite Group really KISS? Or is that a jab the concert they had in WCW.

WCW Worldwide Fansite

It actually is.