Full Magazine Scans: NWA Wrestling Wrap-Up #5 [August 1989]


The NWA’s most awesome tag team! Love that line, love this shot of The Nature Boy posing with Billionaire Ted. Sad that there aren’t more photos from this particular session inside the NWA Wrestling Wrap-Up, but we do get a full pull-out poster of Missy Hyatt.

Scanned this in at work, pretty sure it’ll be the reason for me getting fired too.

That’s a win too.

This early NWA magazines are pretty short and easy to flip through, it is interesting to see how this might be the only instance where guys like The New Zealand Militia ever get a mention in an official WCW publication. I can’t recall ever seeing them featured in any other magazine, even when they changed their look entirely and became “The Royal Family” all while being managed by Lord Littlebrook.

Hell of a change to undergo within a year’s time.

All in all a good issue, highlights being the knock against Teddy Long and the introduction of some guy that’s the younger brother of Rick Steiner. I’m sure he’ll stick around for long!

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