Monday Night War

The actual last golden era of professional wrestling where the nWo run roughshod over World Championship Wrestling. The Wolfpac, Goldberg, Diamond Dallas Page, and Sting rappelling from the rafters!

This Day in WCW History: WCW vs nWo: World Tour is Released [1997]

Eighteen years ago, Earth was blessed with one of the finest wrestling and multiplayer games ever crafted. No hyperbole here, WCW's first game for...

Track-By-Track: ‘WCW Christmas Brawl’ (GERMANY) [1996]

This WCW Christmas Brawl album has been something I've been hunting down now for a while. While the songs themselves aren't really hard to...

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan [1944 – 2017]

5 We recently lost Bobby "The Brain" Heenan at the age of 72, a man who was nothing less than an absolute legend. The Tampa...