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Monday Night War

The actual last golden era of professional wrestling where the nWo run roughshod over World Championship Wrestling. The Wolfpac, Goldberg, Diamond Dallas Page, and Sting rappelling from the rafters!

This Week in WCW History: DDP Turns Down the nWo’s Invitation

The nWo is on a recruiting spree and one man is in their crosshairs.

Happy Halloween! Full Gallery of Every WCW Halloween Havoc Poster and More!

A Halloween tradition where the world of ghouls and demons collide with professional wrestling. Over the years, Halloween Havoc was always one of my favorite...

This Day in WCW History: WCW Halloween Havoc 1995 Took Place in Detroit, Michigan

The infamous pay-per-view event where Hulk Hogan faced The Giant in a Sumo Monster Truck match-up: The "death-defying" stunt between Hulk and The Giant was...

Glacier Discusses Mortal Kombat and His Career on the Keep It 100 Podcast

Click Here to Listen: Keep It 100 -- Debuts w/ Jay Hunter (OSW Review) & Glacier Earlier this month, Brian Mann and Nate Milton scrapped...

Weird Merch: WCW Halloween Costumes

In 1999, World Championship Wrestling paired up with a company called Paper Magic to help them deliver some WCW Halloween costume merch to a...

This Day in WCW History: KISS Perform on Nitro, Debut The Demon [1999]

"The Hottest Band in the World" meets World Championship Wrestling. An easy slam-dunk with WCW being in Las Vegas for WCW Monday Nitro, people...

This Day in WCW History: Brian Pillman Passes Away at Age 35 [1997]

On the afternoon of October 5th, 1997, Brian Pillman was found dead inside his hotel room only hours before he was scheduled to wrestle...

WCW eBay Find of the Day: Goldberg Championship by Rey Rey Championship Belts

BILL GOLDBERG CHAMPIONSHIP BELT WWE WCW BUY IT NOW - $1499.99 A very nice custom championship that was seemingly presented to Bill last summer during his...

‘Neal Pruitt’s Secrets of WCW Nitro’ Podcast Reveals, Uh… Secrets of WCW

Over the past ten months, Neil Pruitt and Guy Evans have been putting on one of the more interesting WCW-focused podcasts out there with...

WCW eBay Find of the Day: NASCAR WCW Racing Jacket [1999]

NASCAR JACKET - WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING - RACING CHAMPIONS APPAREL - XL NEW BUY IT NOW - $79.99 What are you looking at here? Well, quite frankly,...