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WCW matches, commercials, outtakes, promos and any other World Championship Wrestling related video clips I can find.

This Week in WCW History: WCW Starts a United States Championship Tournament [1995]

I think it's safe to say that most wrestling fans love a good tournament. With the WWF's King of the Ring pay per view...
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Wreducation: The Origin of WCW

Everyone knows the story of World Championship Wrestling's demise. The image of Vince McMahon on the final Nitro has been burned into the psyches...

Trick or Treating at Schiavone’s House – WCW Halloween Havoc [October 24th, 1993]

There's no way I could move on from WCW Halloween Havoc 1993's anniversary without putting this golden nugget up. The fully produced intro from...

This Day in WCW History: The Final WCW Monday Nitro Airs on TNT [2001]

WCW Monday Nitro: Night of Champions aired on March 26th as the final broadcast of Nitro where viewers were treated to one of the...

Bobby Heenan and Scott Hudson Visit the WCW Power Plant [2000]

In 2015, WWE Network gave its viewers unprecedented access to its Performance Center through the show Breaking Ground. Fans saw how WWE’s developmental wrestlers...

Wreducation: The WCW Cruiserweight Tag-Team Championship

I've decided to make things even harder for myself and enter into the ruthless arena of YouTube Wrestling Commentaries. What this is: The goal of this...

YouTube Update: Good Ol Fashioned Professional Rasslin presented by Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling [1982]

Back in March, I posted a YouTube Update highlighting the hundreds of mid 1980s matches from NWA Worldwide / Pro I had available. At...

The Monster Meng Wakes Up the Disney MGM Crowd on Worldwide [March 11th, 1995]

As someone who didn’t have cable until just prior to Nitro starting, it’s safe to say that Worldwide was my favorite WCW show growing...

YouTube Playlist Spotlight – WCW Worldwide 1992

WCW Worldwide 1992 YouTube Playlist When asking a longtime WCW fan what their favorite year of the company was, you would likely get a large...

Vampiro vs Ric Flair – WCW Thunder [February 23rd, 2000]

The first and only meeting between the two wrestlers in a singles match, leading towards the Yappapi Strap Match between Flair and Hogan at...